Twitter to update iPhone app with slew of new features in iOS 6: report

Nothing we’re about to report will shock you much — but it is something to look forward to, if you’re a big fan of Twitter’s own app for iPhone. According to Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac, Twitter will overhaul its iPhone app to version 4.3 in Apple’s forthcoming iOS 6 mobile operating system. The changes, which include “more interactive” features in tweets, notification upgrades, and performance enhancements, were reportedly discovered in notes for the Twitter app while perusing the redesigned iOS 6 App Store.

Here is a list of all the changes expected in v4.3 of Twitter’s iPhone app, according to the app’s notes: 

  • Discover more interactive experiences inside any tweet: when you view details containing links to partner websites, you can now see content previews, view images, play videos and more
  • Special experience around selected events: we’ll curate accounts and surface the best tweets and photos from the those [sic] involved
  • Improvements to autocomplete suggestions when you search for people in Connect
  • Push Notifications for tweets: you can know immediately when selected people  you follow have tweeted
  • Ambient notifications: enables you to see brief non-interruptive notifications in the status bar while you are using the app
  • Discover: no indicates when new stories are available for the user to load
  • Trends: support for personalized trends
  • Tappable avatars that take you directly to user profiles
  • Performance improvements
  • Support for password entry in app when experiencing authentication issues
  • Hungarian language support
  • Updated with new Twitter bird [logo]
  • Many other tweaks, polish, and bug and crasher fixes 

So, there  you have it. Based on a couple of spelling mistakes, and the “many other tweaks” line at the end, it’s clear that this is nothing if not a complete list, ready for the public. (Not that it should be, of course. This is after all a kind of leak, meaning none of us were supposed to see it.) Still, the changes mentioned seem good, and fall in line with Twitter’s increasing attempts to tighten down its hold on its service. Are the updates enough to draw people away from other third-party clients? Well, that’s for you all to decide.

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