The first Tumblr analytics dashboard just launched for brands, user access on the way

union metrics

The first Tumblr endorsed analytics platform catered to brands is rolling out today thanks to the developers at Union Metrics. With Tumblr’s endorsement, it’s the next step for third-party developers to create new experiences for Tumblr users, as well as for the brands that are making money using the platform. 

Union Metrics product has been in beta for about two months now, according to its blog post, and has undergone testing among 150 brands, companies, and agencies. Note that the same company has a Twitter analytics dashboard called TweetReach. In time for today’s launch, the analytics service has been upgraded with brand new features including ad-hoc filtering and lists, which can track any blog or topic on Tumblr. The platform, according to Union Metrics, is robust and tracks how posts are performing, the conversations around certain topics, as well as other features. For now, since the analytics service isn’t available publicly for general bloggers, there are three different tiers of pricing that start at $499 per month, $999 per month, or a negotiable price for enterprise users.

Tumblr is banking on third-party developers to nurture a community for the brand side of the platform. With two advertising products to boot, including Tumblr Radar and Tumblr Spotlight, and a “Highlight” feature to pin posts to the top of a follower’s feed for a small fee, this is where most of Tumblr’s revenue is coming from. But judging from David Karp’s Uncubed panel from a couple of weeks ago, Tumblr is more concerned at this point with attracting a larger audience – especially brands.

Union Metric for Tumblr won’t help track how brands are performing with their advertising efforts on Tumblr, however – Tumblr takes care of that in house. But because Tumblr sells ads against traffic resulting from its blogs, how a brand performs on Tumblr is directly related to the revenue that the platform makes. Starting with Tumblr’s exclusive A-List partners, it hopes that with the full support of the social blogging client, startups like Union Metric can help with educating brands that Tumblr is a place not only for blogs to leverage their growth but for developers to build off of. And there’s a growing robust community and tools to help brands with their Tumblr marketing efforts.

As Tumblr is now within the top 10 sites in the United States, it’s becoming more and more of an attractive platform to advertisers and marketers. With Union Metrics being the first analytics dashboard to hit the market, there’s sure to be more that follow. While for now, Union Metrics is limited to just brands for that steep monthly fee, the company ensures every day users that its team is working on analytics for everyone, “including a version for anyone interested in measuring their personal blogs.”