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Vine for Windows Phone gets long-awaited update, brings editing, messaging, and loop counts

Vine Windows Phone App
It’s been a long time coming, but Vine has finally shown some love to its Windows Phone app with a “huge” update which includes an array of features that Android and iOS users have been enjoying for some considerable time.

Besides a new look, the revamped app now lets you import existing videos on your smartphone simply by tapping on a new icon located bottom left on the capture screen.

The app’s new editing tools allow you to pick out the best bits to get your video down to that all-important six-second timeframe, and should you need more time to create your masterpiece, you can simply save it in drafts and return to it later.

Vine users on devices running Windows 8.1 can now also share Vines privately via a new messaging feature, so if your short video is a little too racy or just plain embarrassing – but you still want to show it – simply tap the icon top right to choose a contact and fire it off.

Other new features include a redesigned activity feed, profile colors for improved account customization, and the ability to view loop counts for Vines.

Though late in arriving — it’s been more than a year since the last update for Windows Phone users — the upgrade is certainly a significant one that’ll be welcomed by fans of the app, while the increased functionality might also score Twitter-owned Vine some new users on Microsoft’s mobile platform.

[Direct link to Vine for Windows Phone]

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