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Vine shows off favorite videos in first birthday celebration

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Short-video app Vine is a year young on Friday, and by way of celebration the Twitter-owned startup has collected together 180 of its favorite six-second masterpieces for your enjoyment, a small selection of which we’ve embedded below

“Through your creativity, humor and the momentous events you capture and share on Vine, we’ve come together in ways we never expected,” the team said on its special anniversary page.

It’s been quite a year for Vine, which was bought by Twitter in 2012 prior to its launch last January. Landing first on iOS, it became the most popular video-sharing app on the market within just a few months of its release, gaining even wider popularity after hitting Android devices in June. Windows Phone users finally got to see what all the fuss was about a couple of months ago.

The popularity of Vine spurred the launch of a slew of competing short-video apps, though its impact was most noticeable when Facebook-owned Instagram incorporated a short-video option into its photo-sharing app in June.

There’ve been a few controversies along the way for Vine, most notably its porn-based palaver, an early episode that brought the app a ton of unwanted attention.

Regular updates adding a bucketload of functionality and a fast-growing collection of entertaining and wonderfully creative videos have served to further increase the app’s popularity and cement its reputation.

Happy birthday, Vine.

I Will Always Love You:


How British people shower:


Jesus, Take the Wheel:


Did I seriously just hit my head?


Brushing teeth:


What a Wonderful World:

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