Vizify helps you put your best, most visual, virtual self out there

hands on with vizifyMuch ado has been made about how you digitally present your persona. Given how tightly our actual identities are tied to our online ones — and how easily searchable all that content is — it’s vitally important you keep a  handle on what’s showing up and where.

Products like and BrandYourself have been part of the movement to give users more control over the first impression they’re giving the Internet. And Vizify, a Portland, OR-based startup that has been in the works for awhile, is ready to offer its approach to the mix.

The approach is incredibly refined. I had the chance to go hands-on with Vizify prior to its launch and I’m impressed by what the team was able to create. Vizify is an interesting way to collect and present your online persona in a series of things you’ve said, photos you’ve posted, and work you’ve done. Profiles are big, bold, and bright, showing off all your data in a chart-like graphic; you can click between points of content or progress through the pages in slideshow fashion. The effect is engaging and refreshingly simple.

vizify - twitter stats

Creation is quick and painless: Connect the accounts of your choice, arrange pages to your liking, pick a color scheme, and you’re done. Users are welcome to get more detailed from this point, but even without getting into major manual work, the result is professional and slick. It turns your online social networks into an engaging infographic about your life. It’s important to mention that Vizify avoids the infographic pitfall — lots of great graphics, lots of dull or obvious content — and instead helps tell a quick, concise, personal story. “With people already creating so much content, we thought there was a unique opportunity to take advantage of that data by looking for the best bits and organizing it, rather than being another profile to build,” CEO and co-founder Todd Silverstein says. “And we also believe that as the amount of stuff about you online grows, you’re going to need a helping hand to keep on top of it.” He describes the team as “data nerds” who wanted to do something with people-focused and created data rather than target the commercial sector. 

vizify work bioThe fact that Vizify is rising to the occasion isn’t entirely surprising. The team — Silverstein, CTO and co-founder Jeff Cutler-Stamm, and VP of engineering and co-founder Eli Tucker — raised $1.2 million earlier this year after being part of the TechStars Seattle and Portland Seed Fund incubator programs and launched the very popular TweetSheet application as a sort of teaser to show what they was capable of. Premium features like analytics and deeper customization are on the roadmap for Vizify as well. 

Vizify’s content is familiar to what many personal landing pages pull, but the format and depth are many times more sophisticated. The application combines our love of infographics and personal storytelling into a tool that, in essence, acts as the front door to the house — mansion, neighborhood, world, really — of data we’ve created about ourselves.

Vizify is available today by invite only, but you can request a code on the site.