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Want the Facebook Timeline now? Here’s how

timelineToday Facebook announced a little thing called Timeline that’s going to completely revolutionize the way we use and look at the social network. Now, there’s more to be said than the fact that it’s a cool new feature that gives others a different way to access our digital histories. There are plenty of questions and concerns about what this means for privacy, who can gain access to this valuable information, and what those integrated apps will pull. But before we can answer all those questions, we’re going to show you how to gain access to Timeline.

Timeline will be rolled out over the coming weeks but is currently available in beta to developers. It’s very easy to get developer rights on Facebook, but here’s a quick run through. So iIf you want to get a feel for the feature before it’s official, check it how using these steps.

  1. You need developer access, so visit this link to start the process.
  2. Click “create a new app” and name it whatever you want. You’ll need to agree to the Platform Privacy Policy and then click “continue.” You’ll then go through a CAPTCHA.
  3. Then go to your app’s main settings screen and find “open graph” on the left hand side. After that, you’ll be send to “getting started using open graph.”
  4. Then test it. Type in any verb into the first box and any noun into the second and click “get started.” Then you’ll be taken to a new page where you should change default settings to whatever you desire. You’ll have to click through a couple pages of settings.
  5. Next time you go to the Facebook home page, there will be the option to try out Timeline on your homepage. If it doesn’t happen immediately, be patient, but this trick worked for us.

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