Why Facebook redesigns feel so annoying

Facebook redesign in real life

Face it, as much as you claim to hate Facebook and its stupid new changes, updates, features, and redesigns, you’re too self-obsessed or nosey about friends to delete your own account. So after bitching about yet another change, you learn to adapt and put up with the frequent readjustments. It’s frustrating, but this is the Internet, so you either have to move quickly with it or get left behind.

So what if Facebook redesigns were compared to changes in your real life? In this parody by Los Angeles-based comedy group Extremely Decent, the sketch relates Facebook to the home you live in. Facebook thinks it knows you! It thinks you want these new features to make you more social, more item consolidation, and “better” privacy settings. It also wants to squeeze all these new updates within the 1366 by 768 or whatever screen resolution you use on your computer. Imagine if Facebook decides it will chop your television in half to make room for a new bookshelf. And of course, it’ll elect to do this a few months after you got used to that giant TV taking up the majority of your wall in the first place. That’s exactly what Facebook updates feel like: Invasive, annoying, and unnecessary.

Let’s look at it this way: It’s not Facebook’s fault you decided to make it your virtual home,┬árelinquishing all rights to have a say. It’s like living somewhere rent-free and complaining that the room is too small to fit a queen size bed. No one’s forcing you to stick around, but admit it… as much as we love to hate on Facebook, it’s still too addicting to let go.

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