Nike’s new RSVP system lets consumers reserve products with just a Tweet

Nike Shoes

New Apple products. Black Friday. The release of new video games at GameStop. When H&M and Target introduce new line of high end designer clothes at retail stores. All of these are instances of consumers lining up out in the dark just to get their hands on the newest or cheapest product retailers have to offer, all while risking the possibility of getting themselves hurt or missing work or school the following morning. You would think with more people active on social media, brands would already do something about incorporating the web into providing a less than manic experience for shoppers. Thankfully, Nike understands our sentiments.

Nike has introduced a new Twitter RSVP system which will allow hypebeasts to tweet or Direct Message the store Twitter handle to reserve a pair of the company’s latest releases without going in stores the first hour of launch. To RSVP, all the user has to do is send a tweet with the correct hashtag, the last four digits of their state, passport, military, or school ID number and the desired shoe size. Tweeters will get a confirmation Direct Message reply just like they would via e-mail, and they’re set! Naturally, the process is first come, first served so you will definitely want to stay awake and online during the release. But if you were able to tough it out hours on end in front of retail stores before, this change should be extremely easy to accept.

Once recipients receive their confirmation DM’s, they can pick up the product in store whenever the item launches. No more waiting in line, no more security fears. However, if you do not come and pick up your item within a specified time, Nike reserves the right to release your RSVP to another eager buyer. At the moment, Nike has Twitter accounts for stores in major cities such as New York, Boston, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles and many others, with the hopes that more stores in other cities and continents will be expanded to accommodate the new feature.

If this is something you’re interested in partaking, remember to follow the specific Twitter account and do it way ahead of time. In order to Direct Message another Twitter user, they have to be following you too. So if you’re hoping to follow the account at the last minute while representatives and standing by to prepare for a myriad of RSVP tweets, don’t get your hopes up. You’d want to be sure the process work smoothly than to wait it out then blame the Internet, or you just might end up waiting outside the stores at midnight anyway.

What do you think of the Twitter RSVP system? Should other brands hop on the idea and make it easier for consumers, or would you rather wait and get the product in person to ensure there are no screw-ups?