Yahoo! partners with Groupon to share coupons

grouponStarting today, Groupon deals will be integrated through Yahoo!’s new Local Offers program. Initially, Groupon deals will only be available in the U.S., but plans for international expansion are in place. This is a win for both Groupon and Yahoo. It allows both companies to play off their strengths with Groupon leveraging its breadth and depth of daily deals and Yahoo!’s scale and targeting capabilities highlighted in order to bring the most relevant and useful deals to all Yahoo! users.

“This partnership highlights Groupon’s success in building a deep, global platform around local deals as we currently serve over 29 million subscribers in 31 countries,” said Rob Solomon, President and Chief Operating Officer of Groupon. “We’re excited to bring our unbeatable local offers to new users worldwide while providing Groupon merchants with this new platform of awareness and growth.”

“Yahoo! is delivering technology at scale that connects people to the things that matter most to them with fresh and engaging experiences,” said Blake Irving, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer. “As content and advertising intersect online, our partnership with Groupon is one more great way that we’re making the digital world more personal for our more than 600 million users—connecting them with the local offers that help them better enjoy the world around them.”

Groupon, launched in November 2008 in Chicago, features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, eat, see and buy in more than 300 markets around the world. The company has experienced huge growth over the last two years and continues to create new partnerships to expand. The announcement comes on the heels of a previous announcement that Groupon has created an iPhone application to better help vendors track coupon redemption and analytics.

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