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Screw selfies, this intern got a job offer via Instagram

instajobIn the recent past, social media has been used to creatively ask for employment in the most concise resume format ever imagined. It has also been used to exit a current job for an upgraded one. Naturally, someone was bound to find a way to use social media to hire themselves their next rising star; tech marketing firm ePrize gladly, formally asked their former intern Samantha Bankey – who just graduated from Ferris State University in Michigan – to join their professional family through photo-sharing site Instagram.

Janice Pollard, ePrize Digital Marketing and Public Relations Leader, explained that for a social media butterfly like Samantha – who follows ePrize and its employees on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook – it was only appropriate for the company to extend an invitation for regular employment by means of her favorite social media platform. Samantha’s Instagram profile (just like anyone else active on the site) is enriched with snapshots of her day-to-day activities, which made it easy for people over at ePrize to witness her and her work evolve.

To make sure she does not miss the life-changing post, ePrize posted the job offer photo on all the company’s social media accounts and tagged Samantha on the Instagram photo. “She’s always responsive to our social posts, but we tagged her to ensure she would be notified directly,” Pollard told Mashable. “Her boyfriend was actually the first person to Like the photo on Instagram (within seconds), so we knew she’d find out very quickly.”

According to the company’s Facebook page, ePrize’s mission is to change the way brands interact with their consumers. “To practice what we preach, we wanted to create a fun surprise and delight experience for a future team member and start her marketing career off with a few Likes,” Pollard explained.

Samantha’s new role as marketing coordinator for ePrize involves spearheading public relations projects and running actual events. When asked about how she felt when she saw the Instagram post, she merely said, “I was in total disbelief. I jumped around and my dogs looked at me in horror like somebody was breaking in or something. I was just so excited.”

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