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10 best background check sites: By most accurate database

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When it comes to background check companies, there is a vast amount of vendors throughout the internet, including TruthFinder, Intelius, Instant Checkmate, and many more. These sites will perform a series of checks on various public record databases, like social media profiles and civil records, as well as dark web resources, to bring you essential and insightful information on the person in question.

Background checks can be quite useful to get vital details about a certain individual, specifically his/her criminal history, sex offender status, incriminating court records, marriage and divorce records, and much more.

For good reason, the results stemming from a quality, well-trusted background check can help you determine if the target individual is honest, authentic, and whether or not he/she poses a threat in any way. Background check services can also help to mitigate risk, protect assets, and avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

Such reports can be used to research and collect information on a possible partner, friend, family member, roommate, neighbor, etc. Regardless of whom you are attempting to gain additional details on, some of the best background check companies will scan databases, records, and resources for the real story behind the individual.

Many of these sites are relatively straightforward and easy-to-use, providing accurate and valuable information with just a few clicks. But a background check search will cost you; most platforms are not free to use. While some offer specific features for free, a full background report will most likely require some sort of membership enrollment.

In this guide, we’ve compiled and evaluated some of the best, 100% secure background check sites. To help you find the best service for your specific needs, we have outlined their key features, membership costs, and areas the service can improve upon.

The Top 10 Background Check Sites

  1. TruthFinder
  2. Instant Checkmate
  3. Intelius
  4. BeenVerified
  5. PeopleLooker
  6. PeopleFinders
  7. CocoFinder
  8. Publicseek
  9. VeriFirst
  10. ZabaSearch

1.  TruthFinder

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TruthFinder is one of the most well-known and well-trusted criminal background check services on the internet. It contains widely accurate and up-to-date information, resulting in detailed, helpful reports for its users. Its background checks are comprehensive, including information on:

  • First, middle, and last name
  • Age and date of birth
  • Criminal and arrest records
  • Civil court records
  • Employment history
  • Educational background
  • Social media profiles
  • Photographs
  • Financial assets
  • Liens
  • Bankruptcies
  • Weapons permits
  • Professional licenses

TruthFinder can be used to gain public records on others, utilize self-monitoring tools, and more.

TruthFinder Pricing

TruthFinder is slightly unclear on its pricing. Based on our findings, it may cost you around $28 per month, or $23 per month when purchased two months in advance.

Unfortunately, that is a basic subscription, allowing you to search for others by name only. Anything beyond that, like a reverse phone lookup or reverse email lookup, will cost you extra.

But, if you solely want to use the service to find out about a phone number or two, the membership costs just $4.99/month.

TruthFinder Key Features

Advanced Algorithm

TruthFinder’s algorithm can thoroughly search a person’s history, providing a vast amount of information, from personal relationships to public and private records. Essentially, you can rest assured knowing the background check report provided has searched through every corner of the internet to find all the details that could be of interest to you.

User-Friendly Interface

It’s also notable how easy the platform is to use, whether on a desktop or mobile device. The app is compatible with both iOs and Android devices, making background checks on-the-go possible. Moreover, the TruthFinder website is easily accessible through any web browser on a desktop device. It offers super-fast and reliable results with every single search.

Transparent Data

Many background check services can be sketchy regarding the validity of their information and reports. TruthFinder is more upfront about consumer concerns and how its data is used and found. However, when TruthFinder compiles the results for a background check report, it flashes misleading warnings that the search has resulted in some surprising information. Most of the time, these are exaggerated alarms not in keeping with the service’s sober assessments.

Quality Customer Service

The company’s customer service representatives are known to be quite helpful, specifically if you’re having trouble completing a search or if you want to cancel your subscription. Furthermore, the TruthFinder reviews remain mostly positive, with many users pointing to the customer service team as a major benefit of the service.

TruthFinder Drawbacks

As with any background check company, there are certain areas where TruthFinder can improve.

No Free Trial

TruthFinder does not offer potentional members a free trial period before officially signing up for a paid subscription. Many consumers looking for a background check service would prefer to test the product before paying for a full month’s worth of unlimited searches. Much frustration could be avoided if such an offer were available.

Hyperbolic Flash Warnings

As mentioned earlier, when conducting a background check, TruthFinder will flash a warning indicating that the results contain disturbing and unexpected information. For the most part, this is an extreme exaggeration and widely used as a customer retention tactic.

While loading, the site often displays a pop-up that claims criminal records were found on the searched person, but in reality that claim is not true. While reports display accurate findings, the pop-ups are quite misleading and could scare the user while waiting for the results to load.

2.  Instant Checkmate

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Instant Checkmate is a great resource when looking to gain information on a specific person. Similar to TruthFinder, this background check service will search through public records, online databases, and other varying resources to uncover a person’s past. The information obtained through a background check could be seen as a form of protection, as results could reveal a wide range of unknown details. The Instant Checkmate background check will look for the following:

  • Personal information, like name and date of birth
  • Contact information
  • Location history
  • Recent traffic, criminal, or arrest records
  • Financial data
  • Residential public record items
  • And more

Instant Checkmate stands out from its competitors because of its fast and accurate results. A report could be accessed within a matter of seconds, unlike other services, which typically take around 10 minutes to complete.

Instant Checkmate Pricing

Instant Checkmate offers users a trial membership, which costs around $1 for five days. The site does require a paid membership once the trial period has ended. The subscription will cost you around $35 per month if you decide to pay month-by-month. There is an option to go with a quarterly membership instead, which will lower the monthly price to $28. Instant Checkmate also charges a fee for reverse phone lookups, which is typically around $5 per search.

Instant Checkmate Key Features

Backed by Reliable Data

While Instant Checkmate is slightly more expensive than some other background check services, its reports are well-researched and backed by reliable data. The service will even search for publicly available social media accounts which can reveal a large scope of information about a person.

Additionally, the company is transparent in what it can and cannot be used for. It is not an accredited Consumer Reporting Agency and are upfront on this topic. This means any information found through its service cannot be used when hiring an employee or screening a new tenant.

Website Interface

The website is very well done. It’s easy to navigate through and reliable when loading different sections of the site. On many a background check website, there are often too many features available; sometimes it’s difficult to know how to get the specific results and details you’re looking for. Between a background check, people search, reverse phone lookup, or reverse email lookup, it can be all very confusing. This platform is clear and concise regarding its key features and how users can fully utilize them.

Instant Checkmate Drawbacks

Transparency on Pricing

The company could be more upfront on what it will cost to use the service. Usually, online subscription services have a page dedicated to breaking down the different subscription plans and their associated prices. Unfortunately, you have to try and run a background check before the platform tells you how much it’ll cost.

Refunding Issues

On a related note, if you accidentally purchase a subscription through Instant Checkmate, getting a refund could prove to be quite difficult. You’ll likely have to jump through a couple of hoops before being able to cancel and have your money fully refunded to the original payment method. Plus, if you start with the $1 trial, once the trial period is over, the site will automatically begin to charge you for a monthly plan.

3.  Intelius

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Intelius is another popular option when it comes to checking public records for someone’s criminal history, employment background, address history, etc. This is a Seattle-based information services company that allows users to find people based on name, phone number, address, and more.

However, Intelius is not an official Consumer Reporting Agency and does not provide accredited consumer reports. Similar to other background check services, its platform should only be used for personal reasons, like screening a blind date or trying to find a long-lost relative. That being said, Intelius is not only affordable but provides users with comprehensive background checks, which include valuable information like:

  • Criminal records
  • Marriage and divorce history
  • Previous or ongoing lawsuits
  • Bankruptcies and liens

Intelius Pricing

Intelius offers its members several different plan options, from one-off searches to monthly memberships. Here’s a breakdown:

  • People Search: $0.95
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: $0.95
  • Reverse Address Lookup: $4.95–$14.95
  • Criminal Record: $14.95 for statewide or $29.95 for nationwide
  • Background Check: $39.95
  • Premier: $19.95/month
  • Premier Plus: $29.95/month

With monthly subscriptions, there are two options: the Intelius Premier membership and the Intelius Premier Plus membership. The premier membership allows you unlimited people searches, while the premier plus option affords you unlimited searches and one background check per month.

Intelius Key Features

People Search Versus Background Check

Intelius differentiates between a people search and a background check. This allows users to find exactly what they’re looking for, with little confusion.

The people search feature allows you to search for an individual by either his/her name, phone number or address. From there, Intelius will search through publicly available data and information to gain access to the person’s date of birth, address history, possible phone numbers and email addresses, likely relatives, social media accounts, and a thorough employment and education history.

The background check report will do everything the people search does and more (which is why it costs more). This report will extend the search to include criminal and financial records.

Overall, if you’re simply trying to locate a person, the people search function will suffice. However, if you need a more detailed, all-encompassing report, you can pay extra for the background check.

Intelius Drawbacks


Intelius users have given mixed reviews on the accuracy of the information provided. Some people say the information is more accurate compared to some of the company’s competitors, while others have reported missing or incorrect information. Clearly it’s important to double-check the information provided the best you can. You can do this through Google or by checking social media.

4.  BeenVerified

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BeenVerified will give you access to public record information to perform a quality background check on someone. The site will pour over various databases and other resources to collect  information on that person. It’s a one-stop shop to gain insight into a specific individual.

The BeenVerified background checks are pretty accurate and dive deep into the details. Such a report could provide you with someone’s:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Current and past addresses
  • Online photos and videos
  • Possible family members and roommates
  • Court records and litigation history
  • Civil and criminal records
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Education
  • Social media platforms, blogs, and websites

BeenVerified Pricing

This platform allows you to purchase individual reports or pay for a subscription that affords you unlimited background checks. A one-month membership will cost you around $26, though you are given the option to bundle and save. You can buy a three-month membership that breaks down to about $17 per month. Both options will give you unlimited access to the site’s main features, like background checks, reverse phone and email lookups, criminal record reports, and more.

BeenVerified Key Features


While BeenVerified scours the internet for public information across government and corporate entities, it’s not always a perfect system. The company does not claim to have spot-on reports and data every time. There’s always a chance that certain information will not show up within its database. It is upfront about this and admits that some records may be non-digitized.

Court Runner Service

With that being said, if some of the public files are not digitized, BeenVerified has a court-runner service that will retrieve all relevant documentation. These are people who are familiar with the court system at large and can find the correct files.

BeenVerified Drawbacks

Membership Cancellations

It can be a little tricky to cancel a membership with BeenVerified. You can’t do so via the website, email, or chat. You have to call the company to cancel. You do not need to speak with an actual customer service agent, but you will have to provide your account information to an automated message. From there, you’ll receive an email confirmation that your account was successfully canceled.

5.  PeopleLooker

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PeopleLooker is a great choice for someone looking for a more affordable option. It provides much of the same information as services like TruthFinder and BeenVerified, but for a fraction of the cost. PeopleLooker and BeenVerified are owned by the same company. They’re often referred to as “sister sites,” providing information from many of the same sources and use similar techniques to gain access to that info. Here’s what a PeopleLooker background check will provide you with:

  • Name
  • Criminal records
  • Age
  • Phone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Court records
  • Relatives
  • Email addresses
  • And more

PeopleLooker Pricing

As mentioned above, PeopleLooker offers a lower-cost subscription for essentially the same level of detail in its reporting as other services. You’ll pay around $22/month, or $18/month if you pay for three months in advance. Additionally, the site offers a 5-day trial period for only $1.

PeopleLooker Key Features

Fast, Thorough Searches

PeopleLooker provides fast and accurate results with every background check. You’ll even get notified if there has been a change to a previously pulled report.

Unlimited Searches

Even though the subscription service is affordable, you’ll still be able to complete as many background check searches as you want. There is no limit as to how many reports you can pull per month. It’s more bang for your buck.


PeopleLooker is also compatible across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android devices, as well as all desktop browsers. You can even use its service via an Apple Watch.

PeopleLooker Drawbacks

Customer Service

PeopleLooker is slightly lacking on the customer service side of things. You’re almost guaranteed to get an automated message when calling the contact number listed on the website. This can be frustrating if you have a specific question or concern.

6.  PeopleFinders

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PeopleFinders provides its users with clear yet detailed reports. Its background checks are easy to read and understand. If you’re trying to locate a long-lost friend or wanting to check up on a potential roommate, this platform could give you crucial information. Here’s what a PeopleFinders background check could provide you with:

  • Contact information
  • Public records
  • Criminal history
  • Bankruptcy history
  • Property records information

PeopleFinders Pricing

PeopleFinders offers a standard monthly subscription service for $24.95/month, which can be used for basic people searches. A premium membership costs $5 more but allows you to run background checks and view public record data.

Additionally, you can opt for a 3-day trial, which costs around $0.95-$3.95 depending on the plan chosen.

PeopleFinders Key Features

Fast Service

The PeopleFinders people search engine and public records database is simple-to-use and delivers results relatively quickly. The people search engine sorts through White Pages histories, property records, family member information, and more.

Billions of Records

This platform boasts searching capabilities across 43 billion public records within the United States. This can help someone find contact information and other insightful personal information.

Multiple Search Capabilities

PeopleFinders will perform a deep search on all services offered, including background checks, public record searches, and reverse phone lookup searches.

PeopleFinders Drawbacks

Lack of Transparency

PeopleFinders could improve on the level of transparency provided to their members. For example, the site does not explicitly state that it cannot be used for anything other than personal reasons. It is not a Consumer Reporting Agency, and therefore the results cannot be used in professional circumstances. It could be clearer in this respect.

7.  CocoFinder

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CocoFinder can be used for a variety of searches, including people search finders, phone lookups, address lookups, email lookups, background checks, and a White Pages directory search. Any one of these searches will provide you with in-depth information on a person, including:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Photos and videos
  • Property holdings
  • Possible relatives
  • Criminal history
  • Age and date of birth
  • Traffic tickets
  • Court records
  • Sex offender status
  • And more

CocoFinder Pricing

CocoFinder allows users to see certain information for free, like phone lookups, without signing up for an account. But most of its other services will require you to pay a fee, although it is reasonable.

CocoFinder Key Features

Ensured Anonymity

Your anonymity is promised when using this website, especially when getting a free phone lookup. You don’t have to sign up for an account and therefore will not submit any personal information to the website.

Easy-to-Use Platform

CocoFinder’s desktop site is very painless to navigate. Every section within the website is clear and conveniently accessible. Additionally, the service provides fast and accurate reports.

CocoFinder’s Drawbacks

Lack of a Mobile App

CocoFinder has not yet developed an app for on-the-go lookups. The lack of this feature could wind up being a dealbreaker for many users; sometimes people prefer to search on their mobile devices or tablets versus solely on an internet browser.

8. Publicseek

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Publicseek uses trusted databases and reliably-sourced records to compile accurate background checks. It sorts through over 10 billion public records, verifying the records every 24 hours to ensure it’s providing members with up-to-date information. A Publicseek background check looks for:

  • Contact information
  • Social media
  • Address history
  • Possible relatives
  • Arrest records
  • And much more

Publicseek Pricing

Publicseek allows access to unlimited reports for $26/month if you choose to join for one month only. You could also choose to pay for two months upfront, which breaks down to a lower cost of $22/month.

Publicseek Key Features

Comprehensive Identify Protection

Publicseek has partnered with ID Safeguard on user identity protection. This helps conceal sensitive personal data, preventing fraud and identity theft. It will, however, cost extra. ID Safeguard can be added to an existing membership plan for an additional fee.

Publicseek Drawbacks

Unclear Pricing

Publicseek offers unlimited reports for a recurring monthly subscription. Before committing to that, you can leverage a trial period to test the service for just $1. However, this offer can be confusing and misleading to users. The trial only lasts for one day, and if you do not cancel within that day, you will be automatically enrolled and charged for a full month.

9.  VeriFirst

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VeriFirst is another option when it comes to the best background check sites. It will sort through various public resources and databases to create a quality background check for the user. It’s a great option for those in the real estate industry specifically. This background check service offers several screening options for different types of properties. Additionally, its background checks can provide further information on the following:

  • Criminal and legal records
  • Civil actions
  • Bankruptcies
  • Sex offender status
  • Global watch list status
  • Driving record
  • Credit history
  • And more

VeriFirst Pricing

VeriFirst does not publicly list its prices on the website. Instead, you must complete a form to get a quote on the cost of its services. Luckily, quotes are free to obtain and often come with a sample report.

VeriFirst Key Features

Thorough Screenings

Screenings provide insightful information regarding an individual’s overall financial health, including any past evictions, credit history, and even a rental history check. Additionally, VeriFirst promotes a debt collection service through its sister company BYL Collection Services.

Decision Assistant

The VeriGuide Decision Assistant is an auto-assist feature that recommends whether to approve or reject a tenant applicant based on his/her financial history.

VeriFirst Drawbacks

Compliance Issues

While VeriFirst promotes its tenant screening services, they are not considered an accredited Consumer Reporting Agency, meaning its reports should not be used when officially vetting a potential tenant, employee, etc. This line is blurred when using the service.

10.  ZabaSearch

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ZabaSearch is reliable and well-trusted among its users, especially for retrieving the contact information of a specific person. With updated information, it provides an impressive level of detail and quality. Its people search feature looks for:

  • Phone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Age
  • Employment information
  • Social media account
  • Criminal and traffic records
  • Possible relatives
  • And more

ZabaSearch Pricing

You can search for people without signing up for an account or paying anything—such a search is completely free. For additional information, like criminal records, you may have to pay an extra fee.

ZabaSearch Key Features

Identity Protection

Members will be assured that their identities are well protected and kept private. You don’t need to log in or sign up to use some of its services, ensuring confidentiality. Everything you search for will not be kept on record and the search history will not be stored.

ZabaSearch Drawbacks

Unclear Pricing

As mentioned earlier, everything is completely free at the beginning. But as you delve into your search, you will quickly realize that this is exaggerated. Much of the information it provides requires payment.


Background checks can provide you with valuable information on an individual. You can run background checks to gain further insight on someone and get a better look into his/her past, or just to look up an old friend. The websites listed above are all great options when getting started.

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