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4 fresh reasons to buy one of HP’s newest laptops


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You’re more than just one thing: you’re intuitive and thoughtful, self-reliant but collaborative, ambitious yet centered. HP’s latest laptops—the Spectre x360 and ENVY—understand your different qualities and needs, and most importantly, provide an outlet for all of them.

While you may be initially attracted to the 360-degree hinge, 5-megapixel camera, and soothing interface, they’re just the beginning of the Spectre and ENVY’s varied, engaging features. Activated with Windows 11, an OS designed for hybrid work and learning, HP elevates the PC to a mindset much like your own, one where connection, creativity, productivity, and security combine to present your authentic self.


Communicating with friends, family, collaborators, and coworkers should be the easiest thing with technology, yet that’s not always the case. Windows 11 now has chat and calling on the taskbar to streamline the process to meaningful conversations. Also convenient are the webcam shutter and mic mute button built into the keyboards of the Spectre x360, safeguarding you against moments when you’re not camera-ready or 100% prepared to speak, no matter which software you’re using.

When you’re on video calls, HP’s Lighting Correction ensures you’re always well lit, even in low light. And with AI Noise Removal, HP reduces background noise automatically across Microsoft Teams meetings, calls, and audio outputs/inputs (speakers, headphones, internal mic) so that no dialogue gets lost in the fuzz.

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They say that the future is limited only by our imaginations, but the right laptop can certainly help. The HP Spectre x360 comes with HP Glam Cam, an intelligent infrared camera that provides lighting correction, auto frame, and beauty mode, so you can keep the focus on your ideas and not on what you look like.

With video the go-to medium of expression for many content creators, there’s never been a better time for Windows 11’s newest Video Editor. Your videos will never be the same as you access a rich library of filters, transitions, stock media, and more. Whether you’re editing game clips, putting together a highlight reel of a school project, or assembling a short film, Windows 11’s Video Editor puts everything at your fingertips.

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We’ve all been there: you stare at the screen or into space for minutes while you come up with a great idea or exact wording. Smart Sense, an exclusive technology in the HP Spectre, understands that the struggle is real and saves power until you’re ready to continue. Intuitively, your HP laptop prioritizes programs, adjusts power consumption, lulls fan noise, and more, maximizing your time without sapping battery life. And HP’s Eyesafe® Certified Displays minimize high-energy blue light from tiring your eyes—another plus in the productivity column.

Distractions are another factor gobbling up our attention and since they’re everywhere nowadays, we’re all looking for help to stay focused. Microsoft’s Focus Assist 2.0 gives you the quick superpower to block unimportant notifications, allowing you to maintain your concentration and dedication. For those contacts you absolutely cannot ignore—like your boss—there’s the ability to create a priority list, with their messages always making it through the force field of focus.

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Taking your laptop to a coffee shop is one of modern life’s little pleasures. While sipping a carefully crafted cup of joe or tea and maybe nibbling on a sweet treat, inspiration flows freely. In such a setting, thoughts of privacy rarely enter your headspace but how safe are you? With walk away recognition, the Spectre x360 knows when you’ve stepped away and dims the screen, keeping your intellectual property and personal information private. The Spectre can even sense when someone is looking at your screen over your shoulders and blur the display—for them and not you, of course.

Coupled with a personalized fingerprint reader, HP brings James Bond-level vigilance to its laptops. So feel free to take your Spectre x360 out anywhere in public—in a co-working space, on an airplane, to the park—because you’re secure from prying eyes and international spies.

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