Aqara G2H Camera Hub Review – Make Your 2020 Better with a Competent HomeKit Secure Video Camera

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What do you care most about in a security camera? For most, it’s having a high-quality camera that can also work as the control center of the smart home. That’s where the Aqara G2H Camera Hub stands out, with the security and authentication provided by its support of HomeKit Secure Video.

The new Aqara G2H HSV camera can be integrated into the Apple HomeKit ecosystem. It provides 1080p full high-definition recording with 140° FOV and night vision with 10 infrared LEDs that look after your family’s security when you’re away. It also comes with Zigbee 3.0 hub function allowing the G2H to connect to other Aqara devices for premium smart home experiences. Here are the details:

Unboxing and Quick Installation

This security camera with its bright white styling is more than just a modern look. It’s modern features, with a Micro USB for power input, Micro SD slot, and a reset button, plus 32GB of storage.

By scanning a QR code, the camera hub connects easily to your network, and its one-click dome button pairs it with all Aqara devices making setup easy and convenient. Even attaching or detaching to any metallic surface is easy, with its strong built-in magnet, or use the 360-degree rotatable stand with the included wall mount.

Reliable Home Guard

As a HomeKit Secure Video camera, the G2H features end-to-end encryption with authenticated technology to protect your privacy. If you have an iCloud subscription of 200GB or more, you can store 10-days of G2H footage securely and freely under your own account.

The G2H built-in motion sensors lets you keep an eye on your home. When the camera detects any movement and abnormal sound, it activates the recording and triggers a notification on your mobile device.

Plus, with the latest iOS 14, the G2H supports AI face recognition based on your iCloud library, and the activity zone function allows you to define which areas to be detected. All footage is locally analyzed on your home hub devices so your personal and sensitive data will be secure.

The G2H also has the two-way audio feature to let you can speak with anyone at your home or users can leave video messages by simply pressing a button, both of which are especially helpful for communicating with kids or seniors at home.

Zigbee Hub as Smart Home Control Center

Another surprising option in a security camera of this size is the built-in Zigbee 3.0 hub. This hub connects all other Aqara controllers and sensors, including switches, door and window sensors, water leak sensors and more, letting you use the Aqara G2H for smart home automations.

A unique but logical extra feature of the G2H is the Event Timeline. This function marks all triggering events of Aqara sensors and controllers connected to your home, from a door opening to a water leakage, and displays these events on a configurable timeline on the Aqara Home app. This lets you check the footage of these events with just one click, and no need to fast-forward through the entire video footage.

Summing Up

Aqara Camera Hub G2H is a smart choice for homes, especially for iOS users concerned about their family security when they’re away. The HSV feature and automated sensors, along with the two-way audio function, make it competitive in its field. The built-in Zigbee hub, allowing it to connect and control your smart home, gives it even more value. Choosing a home security camera is by no means easy, but Aqara just might be a pleasant addition for 2020.

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