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Better Instagram Growth: 3 Best Places To Buy Genuine Followers

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With over one billion monthly users, Instagram’s popularity as a social media website and marketing channel continues to grow. But building an online presence on such a large platform takes time and dedication.

The good news?

You can speed up your progress by buying Instagram followers. However, you need to be careful and look for high-quality engagement.

If you don’t do your research beforehand, you can end up with fake followers and lower your credibility.

Keep reading to learn:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of buying Instagram followers
  • What to look for when you buy Instagram followers
  • The best websites to buy real Instagram followers

Advantages of Buying Instagram Followers

Increasing your follower count on Instagram means your posts reach more people. Furthermore, you can unlock special Instagram features when you gain enough followers.

Unfortunately, organic growth can be slow.

Here are some of the top reasons to consider buying Instagram followers.

Instant Social Proof

Instagram has been around since 2010, which means some accounts have been growing their follower count for years.

If you’re just starting out, building brand awareness on Instagram can be intimidating.

How do you compete with accounts that already have thousands (if not millions) of followers?

When you buy Instagram followers, your account receives instant credibility. A high follower count is like word-of-mouth advertising — it tells other Instagrammers that you have high-quality content.

As an added bonus, increasing your followers creates a snowball effect in terms of your organic growth. In other words, once you have a lot of followers, it’s easier to gain more.

Unlock Instagram’s Swipe Up Feature

When you create your Instagram profile, you can include a website or call-to-action. However, most users see your content in their feed, not on your profile.

So, Instagram created a Swipe Up feature that empowers creators to include direct links in Instagram Stories. However, you need to have 10 thousand followers to unlock this feature.

Unlike your profile which only allows for one link, Swipe Up links can change every time. Users simply have to “swipe up” while viewing your story, and they’re taken to your website.

Swipe Up is an excellent lead generation feature, especially for businesses. If you’re specifically after the direct link feature, buying Instagram followers can help you get there faster.

Target Specific Audiences

Not all Instagram growth is equal. If you’re looking to gain followers, you likely have a target audience in mind.

You’re probably not interested in having everyone on Instagram follow you. Maybe you’re interested in millennial men in the United States. Or Gen Z women in India.

Either way, it’s impossible to control who follows you when you rely on organic growth. But when you purchase followers from a good seller, you can specify demographic preferences.

Disadvantages of Buying Instagram Followers

By now, you might be asking yourself, “OK, this sounds good, but what’s the catch?” Like most strategies, buying followers has some risks associated with it.

Here’s what you need to look out for before you purchase new followers as part of your marketing strategy.

Risk of Unengaged Followers

When someone follows you organically, they’re usually active on Instagram and interested in your content.

But you can’t know for sure the accounts are real Instagram users when you buy follower growth. Even if they’re real people, they might be inactive accounts (also known as ghost followers).

If you buy fake followers, you’ll have a higher follower count on your Instagram profile, but the benefits stop there. And you need more than just followers to make a social media marketing plan work.

Followers Alone Don’t Beat the Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm decides who sees your posts. If you don’t publish high-quality content or receive good metrics, even your followers won’t see your content at the top of their feeds.

Even if you use an Instagram growth service, you need to create engaging content so the active Instagram followers you just bought don’t unfollow you later.

Instagram Can Remove Fake Followers

Instagram has been known to run bot sweeps on its platforms. In other words, it identifies and removes fake accounts and even sometimes removes inactive profiles.

When Instagram purges fake accounts in bulk, you’ll immediately lose any followers that are fake or active. To guard against this, it’s best not to buy followers. If you do buy followers, make sure they’re real and active.

What To Look for When You Buy Instagram Followers

Buying Instagram followers can give your business the boost it needs.

Here’s how to find the best site when choosing an Instagram growth service.

Targeted High-Quality Followers

As mentioned before, buying fake followers won’t benefit you in the long run. Choose only from providers that offer active users.

We recommend reading several reviews from other customers to verify the followers you’re buying are real. When you purchase real users, you’ll also get a higher retention rate.

Furthermore, you should find a service that empowers you to filter and target what type of followers you like. The best providers will let you filter by demographic characteristics like location and gender.

Delivery Time

Most Instagram growth services offer instant delivery, and some include gradual delivery. If you’re purchasing engagement, look for gradual delivery or randomization. However, when purchasing followers, look for quick delivery (within a few days to one week).

Automated Engagement

Most services that sell followers offer other Instagram services such as likes and views. You don’t want to purchase engagement every time you post a new picture or video. Instead, find a growth service that uses automation to give you consistent engagement.

For businesses that post video content, you can find providers that match your video views with their likes, so your metrics don’t look strange.

Top-Notch Customer Support

If anything goes wrong with your follower delivery, you should be able to contact someone. Choose a provider with a reputable customer support team to ensure your delivery goes smoothly.

To minimize your risk, even more, see if you can find a provider that offers a free trial or money-back guarantee. If you can’t find a money-back guarantee, then read through the refund policy before making your selection.

The last thing you want is to purchase a package only to realize you’re not getting the results you want.

Pro tip: Pay attention to the details on services’ pricing pages. In particular, make sure the company allows for your preferred payment method. Some may only accept PayPal, but others also accept credit cards and even cryptocurrency.

3 Best Places To Buy Real Instagram Followers

If you’ve decided to buy real Instagram followers, keep reading for a list of the three best websites to buy them from.


Stormlikes sells Instagram engagement and followers from genuine accounts to help your business or influencer account grow.

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  • Instant delivery
  • Follows, likes, and views from real accounts
  • Automatic upload detection
  • Target by country and gender
  • Like randomization
  • Matching views for video posts

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  • Instant delivery
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  • Engagement from your target audience
  • Detailed reports

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Best Instagram growth service for: Instagram followers and engagement (runner-up) sells genuine engagement and followers for various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and TikTok.

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  • Instant delivery
  • Auto-likes
  • Multi-platform engagement packages
  • Views for photo and video posts

Price: Packages start at $1.49 for 50 Instagram followers

Best Instagram growth service for: Omnichannel growth

Final Thoughts: Best Places To Buy Real Instagram Followers

Whether you want to build a social empire or generate business leads growing the number of followers on your Instagram account can take a long time if you only rely on organic methods.

But there are several reputable places where you can buy active followers and real engagement.

When done correctly, buying followers can help you speed up your Instagram growth, including organic. To learn more about purchasing genuine followers from a trusted seller, explore Stormlikes’ follower packages today.

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