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Subscribe to Dish TV and you could be watching it the very same day

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One downside to cable or satellite is that the installation takes time. With most streaming devices, you simply plug them in, connect them to the internet, and away you go. Comparatively, Dish TV requires extra devices to be installed before you can tune in. But here’s the kicker: Dish TV is now offering same-day or next-day installation with a new subscription, which means you could be watching your new TV or streaming service that very same day after signing up. How awesome is that? No more waiting for the install guy or missing out on your favorite shows. Dish TV also offers a 2-year price guarantee, which means you will never see a price hike during that time, regardless of the current market prices. Now’s the perfect time to lock in a low cost for Dish TV with excellent offers. Starting at $85 per month for America’s Top 120, you get local channels and all your favorites like ESPN, Disney Channel, and E!. You’ll also get access to over 28,000 on-demand titles for streaming. Why not go check it out?

Why Dish TV versus cable, and why now?

Man watching NFL on Dish.

With so many streaming options, cable, and other media providers available, the prevailing question is, why go with something like Dish TV? The proof is in the pudding, or so they say. In this case, the pudding includes a wide variety of desirable features like automatically skipping commercials for primetime shows, free same-day or next-day installation, a signal reliability guarantee, and free universal voice search accessible via your remote (included). Imagine turning your Dish TV into a language-learning tool. But that’s just what’s included in the first spoonful of pudding.

Dish TV has the edge in nearly all facets of the business, including value for its customers, innovative technology, and top-notch service. Nationwide availability means you can get Dish Network’s satellite TV service virtually anywhere in the U.S., including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The signal reliability guarantee says you’ll enjoy up to 99% signal uptimes and reliability, or you can get your money back.

And if you need more reason to pick Dish TV over any others, here are some additional features:

  • Record up to 16 shows at once with DVR for a total of 2,000 hours of storage space
  • Watch up to four shows on one screen
  • Whole home entertainment to watch recordings and TV in any room of your house
  • Free voice remote with universal search and a built-in remote finder
  • Wireless receivers are optionally available
  • Stream live TV via the mobile app on up to five devices with a single subscription
  • All of the sports you want to watch available live and streaming
  • Gain access to over 80,000 on-demand shows and movies

If you’re anything like me, it’s that same-day or next-day installation that has you excited.

What comes with Dish TV’s free standard installation?

A Dish installation technician.

You’re probably thinking there are a lot of tricks or add-ons to your average Dish installation. After all, most service providers do that — like charging you extra for an in-home router or cable box. That’s not the case here.

First, a Dish TV professional will survey your property to determine the best placement for the satellite dish. Then, they’ll assemble and mount the dish. The service rep will install Dish receivers at every television your subscription includes. Finally, they’ll program the remotes, download updates to the Hopper or Dish receivers, and walk you through using the equipment, including answering any questions. Dish even offers additional smart home services for an added fee, so technicians will help with mounting new TVs, setting up a wireless network, installing a home theater system, and much more.

All of the above, with next-day service at the latest, show that Dish TV goes above and beyond the competition, especially cable and streaming providers. Now, I have to ask, what are you waiting for? Dish TV offers some incredible services that you won’t find anywhere else.

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