EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: Recover deleted files with ease

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If you have deleted or lost files or pictures by accident, you will know how frustrating it is. Fortunately, you can rely on data recovery software such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to locate your lost content. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has a detailed feature list with a clear and stylish interface that enables you to find and restore deleted files with a few clicks.

Recover Everything You Lost

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is an all-in-one data recovery software. If you have accidentally deleted a file or emptied the recycling bin, don’t worry, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can quickly retrieve lost files. When formatting a hard drive but don’t expect it to cause data loss, remain calm. Your lost files are recoverable. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is also good at hard drive recovery. Moreover, it’s useful for additional data loss issues like virus attack, human error, power failure, system crash, OS re-installation/upgrade, hard drive crash, software crash, or other unknown reasons.

Flexible Scanning Modes

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard offers two scan modes to help you find the needed content:

Quick Scan: Searches for deleted data using a basic algorithm for fast results.

Advanced Scan: Scans the storage device sector by sector for further recovery results.

Preview Before Recovery

To make sure you find exactly what you lost, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard enables you to preview lost files before the actual recovery. The Preview feature can help you find the lost files quickly to avoid a time-consuming search. Besides, when you preview missing data, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will automatically detect any file errors and repair them, thereby improving the recovery quality.

3 Steps to Recover

With the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you can recover everything you need in three simple steps.

Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttP2xAQyG6k&t=71s

Step 1. Choose the target hard drive.

Step 2. Scan for lost data.

Step 3. Preview and recover data.

The whole process is easy and straightforward. Even if you are new to this tool, you can become an expert in just a few minutes.

Deleted files aren’t gone permanently, but they can’t be easily recovered unless you have professional data recovery software. Download and use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard now to restore what you need today.

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