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Extract Any Audio Track with AI-Powered Audio Splitter

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If you need to find a tool to extract voice or backtrack from any audio file, search no further: will do the job. is a free AI-powered online service that accurately and quickly separates vocal and instrumental stems from music tracks, podcasts, or other audio files. utilizes machine learning algorithms to precisely identify and split vocals and backtracks without quality loss.

Extract vocals and instrumental from music tracks with

Vocals and backtracks removal is straightforward with The simple interface and artificial intelligence-based algorithms of the service allow you to get two separate tracks from one in no time. works well with different kinds of audio files: hip-hop tracks, classical music, pop songs, and even podcasts and movies.

Here’s how you can remove vocals and backtracks from an audio file:

  1. Open the website in your browser and press ‘Select file’ on the main page.
  2. Choose the audio processing level.

Before you upload an audio file, you need to pick the processing level, Mild, Normal or Aggressive.

Mild is the minimum processing level which means you might hear both the flaws of the original track and the interpenetration of the separated tracks.

Normal is the default processing level, with moderate filtration applied.

Aggressive is the maximum processing level. The filtering algorithms react to possible flaws in the most sensitive way.

  1. Drag and drop an audio file from your computer.
  2. Wait until the audio is processed.
  3. Download the stems or listen to the preview online. pricing depends on the number of tracks you want to separate stems from and the total minutes’ count. Before buying a package you can listen to separated stems previews.

With, you can:

  • Extract instrumentals from any song track without a quality loss. Isolate instrumentals and create DJ sets, remixes, and beats or just enjoy instrumental parts in the highest quality. supports all audio formats.
  • Download extracted audio in the same format and quality as the source file.
  • Separate vocals from songs and create your own flawless karaoke tracks or listen to Acappella.
  • Remove voice and backtracks from ANY files with voices and background music: movies, podcasts, videos, and alike.
  • Download all tracks directly to your PC or Mac in just a couple of clicks.
  • Facilitate the development of your digital products with API integration.

Try free functionality today!

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