FamiSafe: Because YouTube’s not the best babysitter

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You might let your children watch YouTube to keep them amused. But it’s definitely not the best babysitter. Kids worldwide are exposed to content they just shouldn’t see, but they’re drawn to the popular platform and will find a way to watch, despite your best safety efforts.

YouTube Addiction

According to one report, almost 30% of teens spend at least an hour at a time on YouTube, and 16% watch for one to two hours of videos daily. Think you can keep up with watching what they watch?  YouTube is the biggest video sharing website in the world and even with  a team dedicated to reviewing and removing explicit and harmful content they can’t keep up completely. So, chances are your children will be exposed to offensive or disturbing videos, even if that content violates YouTube policies.

Whether it’s a dangerous act or cyberbullying, violence or sexual harassment, you don’t want your children consuming, or worse, imitating that content. But kids are smart. And where there’s a will they’ll find a way to download what they shouldn’t download or watch what no one meant for them to watch.

FamiSafe for Reinforcement

As digital parents, you’ve probably come across a wide range of parental control apps in the commercial market. But the FamiSafe app is the most reliable tool, and comes from the renowned firm, Wondershare. It enables complete control of your kid’s smartphones remotely.

Monitor Activities

It’s simple to set YouTube Parental controls using the ‘YouTube Content Detection’ option to block adult content videos from entering your child’s phone. Parents will receive an alert if your child’s device  contains inappropriate and offensive texts and pictures. In addition, FamiShare lets you keep an eye on your child’s search and web browser history.

Manage Screen Time

Per that screen time issue? If you find your child spends too much of time on gadgets you can set limiting actions. The ‘Screen Time’ Control in FamiSafe sets time limits for your child to access the gadgets. When the time limit expires, the smartphone locks automatically.

The What AND the Where

Because these days it’s more important than ever to know your child’s whereabouts, the  ‘Location Tracking’ option tracks shares their real-time location precisely. Using the ‘Geo-Fence’ option in FamiSafe lets  you can set a safe zone to help protect your child from entering dangerous or prohibited areas nearby.

Trusting Your Child – Not the Online World

You might trust your kids. After all, you raised them well. But never trust the online world. Use the help of technology and install FamiSafe to keep your family safer now.

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