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From Smart to Genius: How Kidde has the Smartest Smoke + CO Alarm Available

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There are smart homes and then there are Genius Homes. What makes a home “genius” depends on multiple premium features on-site, like a voice-enabled central hub and cutting-edge appliances, as found in the modern homes of L.A.’s Venice Canals district. But what takes a home to the next level is more than just connectivity and luxury—it’s safety.


Kidde’s new Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarms with smart features detects two potential threats to your home: smoke and the odorless, colorless, tasteless gas known as CO. And the kitchen isn’t the only space to benefit from this detection. To learn more, take a tour with us as we highlight different spaces and identify the multiple ways Kidde combination alarms—available at Home Depot—help bring safety and security to each.



With a stove top and oven, the kitchen is the ideal starting place for a Kidde Smoke + CO alarm. Sometimes, though, when you’re cooking an elaborate dinner, the alarm activates when it senses smoke. That’s why Kidde created a Smart Hush button that silences the alarm for 8 to 10 minutes, giving you the headspace to continue to create your finest meal yet in relative quiet, the sizzle of a pan notwithstanding.

Living Room


There are many names for it: living room, common room, den, family room, etc. No matter what you call it, the main area of your home invites relaxation, with essential elements including a couch, chairs, soothing lighting, and a TV. Another crucial feature is a Kidde Smoke + CO alarm, especially as it’s compatible with a Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device found in the living rooms of most smart homes. With just a few words, you can easily check the alarm’s status and connection through one of these hubs, all while lounging in comfort.



We all lead interconnected lives nowadays and expect our homes to work in the same way. With that in mind, Kidde built whole-home connection between its interconnected hardwired alarms so that they communicate with each other. This is an important feature for your bedroom since, with a Kidde Smoke + CO hardwired alarm installed there and grouped with the rest of the home, you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that if an alarm sounds in another part of your home, you should hear it. The bedroom is also where you spend a lot of time, so knowing that Kidde’s alarm comes with a 10-year limited warranty and a “Replace Alarm” voice alert adds additional peace of mind.

Away from home


Leaving your home for an extended period of time, or even a short one, can be fraught with anxiety. Did I turn off the stove? I can’t believe I forgot to check the basement boiler before heading out. That’s why Kidde Smoke + CO alarms feature Wi-Fi connectivity and integration with the Kidde app. From anywhere, you can check your alarm remotely and receive mobile notifications. You can also notify any family or friends staying in your home of potential danger, allowing everyone to get smarter about safety.

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