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How Kandao meeting cameras are reducing workplace stress

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Hybrid working is a patchwork of positives and negatives. Kandao’s conference room cameras smooth over the difficulties in a key area: remote meetings.

The Kandao Meeting Pro, Kandao Meeting and Kandao Meeting S fix all the issues with conference calls over Zoom or WebEx, whether it’s just you in the room or a crowd.

You can wave goodbye to accidentally moving off-camera during a presentation, or those moments when you can’t make out what someone is saying. And some of them let you hold meetings without a laptop, meaning fewer hours spent with a screen in front of your face.

We’ll dig into their differences in a moment, but here’s what unites this smart trio.

Kandao Meeting AI: Speak Naturally

Kandao’s conference cameras use ultra-wide-angle lenses and artificial intelligence software to re-frame the image on the speaker, even if they move around the room as they talk.

If you’ve ever had to teach a lesson online or give a video presentation, there’s no more worrying about your face heading off-screen. The tech need no longer be a barrier to communication.

Kandao offers several framing modes. All participants can be visible on-screen at once, while at the same time View-lock can fix part of the on-screen image. This is an essential feature for sharing everything from whiteboard diagrams to product samples.

An array of eight microphones perform the same magic for audio. They can hear in 360 degrees. And the ambient sound of someone having their lunch will be cut out, as beamforming lets Kandao isolate the important stuff.

The Kandao Meeting series cameras are also plug-and-play compatible with multiple video chat and conferencing platforms, including Skype, Cisco Webex, Zoom, and Slack. Just connect a Kandao Meeting device to a computer through a USB port and there are zero tech headaches before a meeting.

The Kandao Meeting family

How do you choose between the models? The Kandao Meeting ($699USD) has the classic design, with a privacy-friendly, pop-up 360-degree camera that retracts out of the Hi-Fi speaker base.

Its two wide-angle lenses capture 8K-resolution views, allowing for high-quality images even when zooming in to focus on the person speaking.

The Kandao Meeting Pro ($899USD) is the step-up model. It has its own built-in OS based on Android, letting you run meetings without needing a laptop at all. Just plug the camera into a monitor or screen over HDMI and install the required app on the Meeting Pro itself.

Its microphones have an extended 5.5m voice collection range, and a thread underneath lets you mount the camera on a tripod rather than a table.

A magnetized lens cover is included too, which protects the cameras and acts as a privacy screen when the Kandao Meeting Pro is not in use.

Kandao Meeting S ($569USD) takes a slightly different approach. Many customers asked for a device that would “see” only half of the room, so Kandao made one with a standalone 180-degree camera. It’s perfect for work-from-home use.

However, it still offers the key benefits of the top-end Meeting Pro. These include an internal OS, letting you hold meetings without a laptop, and a Bluetooth remote for easy wireless control.

A Kandao Meeting S may well be the ideal choice for portable use. It’s stylish, easy to use and its flip-over hood doubles as a privacy cover and camera lens protector for when you’re on the go.

All three of Kandao’s flagship Meeting cameras are available to buy today.

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