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How to Buy Instagram Followers the Right Way

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Instagram remains one of the top social media platforms on the web, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. People have been using Instagram since 2010, so it’s had plenty of time to establish itself as the most popular platform for businesses, brands, influencers, and many, many more.

With the popularity and versatility of Instagram comes plenty of competition and if you’re looking to increase your follower count and gain more reach and real-world results through the platform, it can be a tedious and difficult process.

It’s possible to grow your Instagram followers on your own, but be prepared to invest a lot of hours on the platform engaging with new users and hoping for the best. If you need results quickly, this is probably not the best option for you.

Instagram has so many different content features and possibilities that your time is better spent developing your content and providing a well-rounded profile to attract new users. You can contract a third-party tool to help you with your Instagram growth.

A popular solution to the Instagram follower conundrum has been to buy Instagram followers, but this has its dangers as well. Instagram has notoriously cracked down on companies selling followers and using bots or automation services also has many risks.

So, what tools are left? How can you buy Instagram followers the right way?

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • Organic Instagram growth services
  • The best option on the market to get more Instagram followers
  • Why people use Growthoid
  • Dangers of buying Instagram followers in bulk
  • Dangers of using bots and automation
  • Why follower quality matters

After you read, you’ll have a clear understanding of what services can help you to buy Instagram followers the right way— your investment is important, and you don’t want to throw it away using risky services or falling for scams.

Let’s get started.

Using an Organic Instagram Growth Service

When you work to gain more followers through natural methods, this is known as organic follower growth. Organic follower growth is something that brings you more followers and doesn’t breach any terms of use that Instagram has set forth.

The principal way to gain more followers on Instagram is to generate interest in your profile and get your content and name seen by more people; these people will then, in turn, check out your profile and follow your content.

Doing this yourself can take a lot of time and careful consideration, but when you hire an Instagram growth service to do this for you, you’ll have a professional working to build your account with the right followers.

Let’s take a look at the benefits.

Real Followers and Interaction

Using an organic Instagram growth service brings you, real followers, through real interactions. That means you don’t have to worry about spamming your account with a bunch of fake followers, nor will you be spamming other accounts with fake comments or bot-generated engagements.

The best, and only way, to buy Instagram followers is to invest in a growth service that will generate the right kind of attention for your account through real interactions.

Targeted Followers

Another benefit is that an Instagram growth service will work specifically towards your niche through the targets that you provide the service with.

If you are an influencer, for example, and you want women who are interested in shopping and luxury brands to follow you, getting a bunch of male followers from India won’t do you much good. You can avoid these types of problems when you use a reputable Instagram growth service because they follow your targets to the tee, using advanced methods to interact with just the right accounts.

Higher Engagement and Real Results

When you gain real followers through your Instagram growth service, these followers will be connected to your niche in some way, helping to not only boost your follower count but also your engagement.

You want followers who care about your content— who like it regularly, who comment on it, share it, and even become customers if you have a product or service to sell.

When you use an organic growth service, this is possible. When you buy Instagram followers in bulk or use a bot, you aren’t going to be able to get these results.

Best Organic Instagram Service: Growthoid

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The best service on the market to buy Instagram followers is without a doubt Growthoid. They have completely redefined organic Instagram growth and have implemented so many excellent elements in their service to help you bring the maximum number of new, real Instagram followers.

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Here are some of the standout features that make Growthoid different from other services out there.

Dedicated Account Managers

When you work with Growthoid, you get your own dedicated account manager who will take care of all of your Instagram growth needs. After signing up, you’ll be contacted by your account manager to get the ball rolling.

You’ll provide them with your targeting options and all interactions will be performed by a real person— completely in line with Instagram’s terms of use and a much more accurate way to find the right followers that will be a part of your community and engage with your content.

Because Growthoid is an organic Instagram service, everything is done by hand, just as if you were to do it yourself. The benefit is that you have an expert that has the time and know-how to dedicate to your Instagram growth and you’ll find that the results are much, much better.

You’ll also be able to focus on your content strategy and creation— the better your content, the better your results will be with an organic Instagram service like Growthoid. Give your new viewers something to follow for.

Advanced Targeting in Any Niche

Growthoid uses all the advanced targeting methods available to get you the right followers. Things like similar accounts, hashtags, location, and more are just a few of the options your account manager will use to get you the right followers.

Having followers that actually care about your content is much more valuable than having a huge number of inactive followers; the key indicator of popularity these days is engagement, so the more engagement you have, the better your account’s reputation will hold up.

Not only that, when Growthoid helps you get more real, active followers, you’ll get more natural reach because more people are engaging with your content; this means that Growthoid isn’t simply a service, but a long-term growth strategy that will continue working even after you stop using the service.

Pricing and Support

Growthoid offers flexible no-contract plans that will work with your budget. Their account managers and support team are the best on the market; you can always get in contact with someone and they are extremely passionate about getting their clients real results and working with them to find the best way to increase their followers even more.

If you need to tweak some hashtags or you want to change your targets, you can always reach out to someone and they’ll partner with you to get the best results available.

Working with a company that truly supports your Instagram follower growth and cares about its clients is a big relief as most companies in this industry are simply looking to make a quick buck.

Growthoid provides details about how their service works, real client reviews, and also has an extensive FAQ that can help potential and active clients of their service. That’s what we call transparency, and it’s really important.

Buying Instagram Followers: What NOT to Do

Organic Instagram growth is really the only way that you can buy Instagram followers. All other methods of purchasing Instagram followers are against the terms of use of Instagram and can not only get you in trouble with Instagram itself but will likely have long-term consequences for the health of your account.

Let’s take a look at the other two options and the risks that are involved.

Bulk Follower Packages

The first phenomenon that surfaced was to buy Instagram followers in bulk packages. When Instagram first became popular, most people thought that the indicator of success was a high follower count. This was true in the past, but then people began to realize that most people just bought followers to make them look popular.

In fact, superstars like Ellen DeGeneres, Taylor Swift, and even Kourtney Kardashian have bought Instagram followers!

Once Instagram realized that people were buying fake Instagram followers, they started to crack down on this service and also do routine cleanups of their platform, removing fake or inactive accounts. That means that if you bought 10k followers for Instagram, they’d disappear and you’d be left with nothing.

This still happens, and even though services claim that their followers are “high quality,” you always run the risk of them being deleted. It’s basically throwing your money away or watching it disappear slowly.

Not only that, fake or inactive followers don’t engage with your content, they won’t help you get a more natural reach, and they certainly won’t buy anything from you.

What’s more, if you’re an influencer and a partner or potential sponsor sees that you have fake followers, you’re not likely to get the deal. People frown heavily upon those who buy Instagram followers and it can be absolutely detrimental to your reputation.

Another key indicator of this is if you buy Instagram followers and have low engagement; let’s say you have 20k followers and average around 100 likes per photo. This is a terrible follower-to-engagement ratio and it’s clear to both normal users and potential partners alike that your follower number is fortified.

As you can see, your reputation can take a huge hit when you buy fake followers, and you also may need to spend a lot of time removing them if you bought from a company and they weren’t what you expected.

It can be incredibly tempting to get fast results like this, but they are not valuable, nor do they bring you any real Instagram growth. Resist the urge.

Instagram Bots

The second wave of buying Instagram followers was done using bots; third-party services would use Instagram bots to engage with thousands and thousands of users on Instagram through likes, comments, and more.

Instagram quickly caught onto this tactic and realized it was heavily impacting the user experience. IG users were getting hassled by way too many bot DMs and posts were drowned with bot comments.

Instagram has now prohibited all bot services, and even the most popular and most profitable third-party bot providers have gone out of business. If you use bots on Instagram, you are going against their terms of use and can get flagged, suspended, and even deleted from the platform.

Don’t waste your time or money on bot services. They won’t bring you the results you need and can even cost you your whole profile.

You can still use back-end automation services like post schedulers or analytic tools, but for front-end follower growth, don’t use automated services.

Follower Quality Matters

As you can see, buying fake Instagram followers and using Instagram bots are not viable ways to get real, active Instagram followers. The best way is to use an organic service; it’s natural and helps you to gain real people as followers on Instagram.

You need followers that will like your content, that will comment on your posts, and even share it to their stories or tag their friends. Having real, active Instagram followers is the only way to achieve real growth or profitability through the platform; use an organic Instagram growth service for the best results.

Final Thoughts: Buy Instagram Followers the Right Way

If you want to buy Instagram followers the right way, use an organic Instagram growth service like Growthoid and invest your time and effort into your content. Using the two strategies will bring you the best results and get your real follower count up in no time.

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