Meet Tidie, it kills 99% of germs on your phone and more

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With the rise in COVID-19 it’s essential have a face mask and hand sanitizer at all times. In fact, for now those are about the only tools to protect yourself and your loved ones. But our hands come into contact with millions of germs every day no matter how careful we are. How can we ensure harmful bacteria isn’t being transferred from things we touch – like our phones — to the very items keeping us safe, like our masks?

UV sanitizers have become popular in the clean-fight during this pandemic, but many on the market today have questionable quality and effectiveness. One of the best options to kill germs and common bacteria is the Tidie UVC Sanitizer Valet Box, which gives all the items in your daily arsenal a boost of clean!

Get Tidier with UVC

Tidie’s UVC Sanitizer Valet Box is a new tried and tested sanitizer. This lab-tested sanitizer is confirmed to kill 99.9% of bacteria in just 5 minutes. Other devices use reflective glass to try to clean your items but that’s been proven to diminish the effects of UV light. Instead, Tidie uses a total of 8 UVC LEDs on top and bottom to fully sanitize your items.

With its unique raised internal rack, the Tidie device ensures your items are an optimal distance away from the lights for proper spread and coverage. Traditional sanitizers place your device directly on the light, limiting UVC’s effectiveness to one dot on your items.

A High Five for No Hands…and More

Tidie enables a non-touch sanitizing method so you can stop worrying about the drying effects of rubbing alcohol or harmful chemicals all over your hands and items.

Plus, face masks, wallets, keys, remote controllers, and even makeup palettes or tools are known to harbor a plethora of bacteria. Add them to the Valet Box and you can refresh multiple items in one go.

And, as an added bonus, the Tidie lid doubles as a wireless charger.

It All Comes Down to Safety

Artificial UVC light can be harmful to the human eye or cause skin burns but Tidie’s automatic safety feature cuts the power off when the lid is removed, ensuring no UV exposure or accidental burns. And UVC light won’t hurt your phone to way alcohol wipes can damage your phone’s surface coating!

So, get Tidie for yourself, get one for your loved ones, and get ahead of the problem. Tidie is currently available on Indiegogo:

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