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Meet Yubo – the live streaming app loved by Gen Z

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It seems like every day there is another social media app fighting for people’s attention, and it’s hard to know which, if any, will truly enable genuine connections.

It’s one of the very reasons why Sacha Lazimi, CEO and Co-Founder of Yubo decided to create Yubo. Sacha wanted to build a platform that at its heart was a social place where young people could just hang out and be themselves – rather than be centered around gaining new followers and likes.

Friendship at its heart 

Yubo is a social app for meeting other like-minded people and hanging out together. It lets people livestream with other users, message anyone they’re connected with, and even play a range of games together. Ultimately, users can find new friends and hang out with them all in one place.

Because Yubo is for young people (aged 13 to 25), so many meaningful connections have been made throughout the pandemic, as kids are stuck at home but still looking to connect and virtually hang out. That being said, ensuring user safety is Yubo’s number one priority. Just last month, Yubo added a new feature preventing the sharing of personal information or inappropriate messages by intervening in real-time. Additionally, if users attempt to share revealing images or an inappropriate request, Yubo will block that content from being shared with the intended recipient in real-time.

Getting the most out of Yubo

Yubo works around letting users add friends to grow a network of connections, but also by letting them follow topics to see who else is interested in the same things. Arguably what its users love the most is livestreaming. In fact, Yubo users spent a total of 11,400 years in livestreams last year!

It’s really easy to set up a broadcast for friends to tune into, whether users want to put on a show or just sit and chat. People can also easily send direct messages to friends making it a great platform for just hanging out and being yourself. Plus, Yubo offers really fun games, making things a bit more interactive.

How to access Yubo 

Yubo is free to download on iPhone or Android smartphones. To get it on iOS, find it on the App Store here, and for Android check it out on the Play Store here.

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