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MOGABI: The World’s First Original-Sound Recording Guitar, with a Foldable Body Great as a Plane Carry-on

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Mogabi’s portable guitar, with the World’s First Technology of Original-Sound Recording, is launching on Kickstarter. This foldable-body guitar was designed as a “Smart Travel Guitar” with various functions. Let’s take a closer look at Mogabi’s guitar innovation.

World’s First Recording Technology of Original-Sound

With pioneering self-recording technology, you can record just the original guitar sound without any background noise and no need for any extra recording device. Mogabi’s 32GB built-in memory allows you to store up to 300 high-quality songs. When editing songs on the spot, just connect the Type-C cable with your smartphone or computer, and download them for editing, copying, and sharing.

Multi-Playing Function

Layer multiple performances on top of one another with mix mode. And if you own another artist’s MR file, you can play their songs over your own recording by using a Bluetooth pairing.

The Advanced Multi-Recording Function

Mogabi upgraded their multi-recording function to a whole new level, with the musician able to pause, cancel, and more…

Simultaneously Record Playing & Singing

Mogabi’s added technology to the original recording system lets you record your singing and guitar riffs at the same time by simply connecting a mic through the mic connection port.

New Recording Cancellation Function

Now, recording mistakes can be easily deleted. Simply press on the third nob, and your recording will be deleted without saving.

B/T Pairing

This function allows you to easily connect Mogabi with other devices, such as a PC and smartphone, through Bluetooth pairing. Additionally, with its built-in Bluetooth speaker, Mogabi gets rid of the inconvenience of having to bring your own speaker while traveling, camping, touring, etc.

Powerful Sound

Mogabi doesn’t have a typical soundbox, but its 40mm, full-range speakers keep the sound balance stable thanks to an MCU chip. This solid sound allows you to do a street performance with no amp necessary. No matter where you are outdoors, you can create an abundant sound by using the 3.5-5.5 line-out port.

Customizable Head

There are two shape choices for the headstock, so you can choose your favorite style. Select between the classic rectangular headstock or Mogabi’s round, cut-out option.

10-Min Charge, 6 Hours of Use

Mogabi’s 2600mAh lithium-ion batteries are fully charged within 3 hours and provide 6 hours of play without the need for a separate charger. It’s one of the guitar’s most attractive features for those who enjoy playing outdoors in busking-like performances.

A Smart Guitar with Its Own App

According to the company, the Mogabi app was developed to allow users to enjoy various functions like upload, download, mixing, tuning, editing, music sheet editing, and more. This app enables singer-songwriters and professional guitarists to play different genres of music and gain a broader musical experience. With the addition of a music cloud, Mogabi is planning to gather a global guitar community, one where a user can share his/her playing with people from all over the world.

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