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Why Mountain Biking Should be Your New Hobby

mountain biking

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Hobbies – the best ones help you grow as you navigate new experiences and spark lifelong passions. The others usually end up as a pile of stuff in your garage. If you are looking for a new way to spend your free time, there is no better new hobby than mountain biking.

Mountain biking checks all the boxes and it has a relatively short learning curve to become proficient. Once you have mastered it, there are a bunch of interesting ways to continue progressing your skills. Mountain biking is good for you; it is a low impact exercise that is engaging and exciting. As you grow as a rider, you’ll learn how rewarding exploring on your mountain bike can be. Riding delivers a unique experience, and in the grand scheme of hobbies, mountain biking is relatively affordable.

One of the best parts about picking up mountain biking is the short learning curve. Unlike other sports like skiing or snowboarding that require hours of lessons and painful crashes to become proficient, mountain biking is straightforward. If you learned how to ride a bike without training wheels, you already know how to ride a mountain bike. Even if it has been years since you have thrown a leg over a bike seat, it will all come back in an instant. Sure, there are some new techniques and skills to master, but you probably already have the basics down.

Some who tried mountain biking five, or ten, years ago are reluctant to give it another shot because of how challenging they remember it being. Mountain biking has come a long way in the last several years though, walk into any bike shop and you’ll be amazed by how much bikes have evolved. They are more capable and easier to ride than ever before. In fact, there has been an explosion of beginner and intermediate trails, as well as bike park skills areas, No matter where you live, there are probably beginner-friendly trails available to you. If you can ride your bike down the sidewalk, you can ride most “green” rated trails.

Getting started in mountain biking is easier than ever with tons of room to progress. It is nearly impossible to “top-out,” becoming bored. With so many new skills to be learned, mountain biking can truly be a lifelong sport.

Cycling is a great workout, but why stick to the exercise bike or riding on car-packed roads! Jump on a mountain bike and have a blast while getting a great workout. It is a strong cardio workout that builds core strength, beefs up your legs, and hones your reflexes. The best part is it does not even feel like exercise. Just riding for a few hours can have the same positive effects as a gym session, with none of the negative baggage.

Mountain biking does not feel like traditional “exercise,” it is more rewarding. You are not focused on the workout, how hard you are breathing, or how much your knees hurt. Instead, you are climbing hills for beautiful views, earning exhilarating descents, and enjoying the magic of nature. There is nothing quite so relaxing as spinning a steady cadence along a fresh trail on a beautiful day. Mountain biking makes everything better.

mountain biking in forest

You can cover so much ground much quicker on a mountain bike than any other human-powered vehicle. It will change how you view your time outdoors and force you to expand your imagination. You will quickly find yourself piecing together new loops, connecting high points, and prioritizing the best descents. Sure, hiking and running are fine, but if you really want to get the most out of your time on the trail, mountain biking is the way to go.

Finally, mountain biking is a (relatively) affordable hobby to get into. Starting out, you can rent a bike and helmet. Some bike shops will get you set up with everything you need to get started, they can even point you toward trails that you will enjoy. Once you realize you are hooked, and wanting to keep riding, many shops will discount the cost of your rental from your purchase of a new bike.

The initial investment can be large, with a nice new mountain bike costing up to several thousand dollars. Unlike some sports, such as golf, where you are continuously paying for club fees and green fees to play new courses, once you have got your bike gear, you are good to go. If you own your bike helmet, bike shorts, and a mountain bike, the trails are free for you to explore.

The next time you are thinking about picking up a new hobby, try mountain biking. It is a blend of exercise, adrenaline, and adventure that you cannot get anywhere else. Once you are riding regularly, you will be shocked how rewarding mountain biking is and how incredible it is experiencing the various trials can be.

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