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Learn anything with these new customer deals from Udemy

Udemy new subscriber deals for online learning and upskilling

We’re willing to bet that at least once or twice throughout your life, you’ve become interested in a topic, skill, or professional activity and wished you could learn how to do it better. You probably know that there are ample opportunities to do so online, thanks to online learning, e-learning, and digital courses. In some cases, you can even pull up a YouTube video or tutorial and dive right in. But what if you want a more structured educational experience? That’s where Udemy comes into play, or more specifically, Udemy’s new customer deals, available throughout the month of June. Until June 30, sign up using code UDEAFNULP0624, and you can access a hefty discount for top courses starting at just $15. All learning is tailored to focus on your goals, whether that entails getting some hands-on training, earning a certification, or just upskilling your current abilities.

Here’s why you should sign up and start using Udemy

Udemy customer and new trainee learning new skills via online courses

So, you’re ready to further your education, but you live a busy, schedule-packed lifestyle. Most of us do, and that makes it incredibly difficult to carve out some time to focus on upskilling, learning new abilities, and just diving into interesting topics. The problem is that anytime you need to call upon those skills, it’s too late to start learning. You want to get ahead of the curve and build out those skills before you start needing them. That’s why there’s no better time than now to get signed up for an online learning platform like Udemy and start exploring.

These new customer deals allow you to participate in some of the platform’s top courses at a significantly reduced price. Programming, data science, graphic design, project management, web development, and digital marketing are all here. Udemy’s course selection goes way beyond just core skills too. You can learn to play instruments like the guitar, improve your experience and comfort with public speaking, learn how to use Photoshop or paint with watercolors, or even dive into the latest technologies like AI and ChatGPT.

That’s the real allure. You can choose virtually any topic, any skill, and get started right away. Udemy’s excellent selection of topics and coursework means you’ll never be wanting for more, and most of all, you can continue building out your skills and improving your talents for as long as you remain a subscriber — or just grab the courses individually. Outside of select topics and applications, you’re provided with pretty much everything you need. The exception is when you choose a specific app or focus, like learning an instrument, because you’ll need an instrument to practice with. That’s kind of a no-brainer, anyway.

If you’re interested, you can sign up using code UDEAFNULP0624 until June 30 and take advantage of some hefty discounts. What are you waiting for? It’s time to upskill to the new you.

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