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Whether planning a travel adventure, a business trip, or simply exploring the great outdoors, you have to decide what essentials get added to your backpack. You also have to decide what order to pack them in to allow for the fastest access to your most important items.

The backpack’s origins began in the 1920s when outdoorsman Lloyd Nelson was inspired by packs used by the indigenous people of Alaska. He designed and patented “Trapper Nelson’s Indian Pack Board”, which went on to become the first-ever mass-produced external frame backpack. Fast forward to today and the backpack market is a $17.5 billion industry…with an overwhelming number of backpack choices.

Yet in the last 100 years, and of the hundreds of thousands of backpacks sold, one design challenge has never been solved: quicker access to essentials. From being with the person digging through a backpack for a passport, or personally making everyone on the trail stop while digging out your sunglasses, you know what we’re talking about.

Fast Relief Thanks to Paxis

The Paxis Twin Lakes backpack has finally provided an innovative solution for uninterrupted momentum and the highest level of functionality, matched with weather-resistant and ergonomic comfort. Outdoor enthusiasts, serial adventurers, and serious travelers are all thankful to now have one-handed quick access to gear without the hassle of removing a backpack.

Paxis was founded by outdoor enthusiasts from the Pacific Northwest who fixed the hundred-year-old problem with a backpack designed for the ultimate convenience: one-of-a kind, one-handed mobility technology. Quick access is effortless with a patented “ARC Swing” articulating hinge and the “Shuttle Pod” pouch which lets you swing those essentials around to the front of your body for easy access to your gear. When you’re finished, simply swing the fannypack-like Pod around to your back and it locks securely into place.

Never Miss the Shot…or the Snack

The Shuttle Pod storage space has one large open section and one smaller zippered compartment to hold up to five pounds of your most important items – phone to camera, glasses to gloves, even thermos to compass. The Paxis Twin Lakes backpack fits easily under commercial airplane seats, in overhead compartments, and can also free-stand on its waterproof base making it a great companion for both business and pleasure travelers.

Swing into your next adventure with Paxis and never lose a moment on those roads less traveled.

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