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Samsung Lifestyle TV: 4 TVs that fit your life AND your style

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TV’s have evolved a LOT over the past few decades. Screen sizes have grown, while overall size, weight, and cost have gone down. TVs are brighter, more colorful, and smarter than ever. And yet, in one way, they haven’t changed much from their 1950s counterparts. Even today, TVs force us to watch content on their terms – in one place, with the lighting just right, and few if any design choices. 

That’s where Samsung’s Lifestyle TV products come in. These TVs aren’t a black box dominating the wall of your living room. Instead, they make entertainment available where you want it, when you want it, in ways you never imagined. 

The Frame: 

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Living rooms are supposed to be warm, comfortable, and inviting- and good art plays a critical role. Step in The Frame. It’s a TV when it’s on, and framed artwork when it’s off.  

Unlike normal TVs, The Frame lets you choose from an array of bezel designs and colors that look like real painting frames. Then you pick a work of art from over 2,000+ images – some are free, others you can purchase individually, or you can subscribe to the entire collection through Samsung’s Art Store. You can also upload images, making The Frame the ultimate way to display your artwork at home. 

In TV Mode, The Frame delivers brilliant HDR picture quality and great sound. In Art Mode, The Frame uses a combination of room brightness sensors and a special matte treatment that makes the screen look like a real canvas. This eye-popping effect will work in any room condition.  

Samsung also offers an auto rotating* wall mount and stand, which allows you to utilize the entire screen no matter the orientation of your art— portrait or landscape. And thanks to built-in sensors, The Frame will automatically adjust the content to match the TV’s orientation. So whether it’s artwork or Tik Tok, The Frame will frame your content the way it should be. 

As an added bonus, you can place The Frame on an easel-style stand from Samsung**, so you can set up your artwork wherever you want. 

* Auto rotating accessories for up to 65” models only. 

** Sold separately. 


The Terrace: 

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Speaking of freedom to go where you want, why not enjoy the outdoors? Whether it’s time for a movie, or a big game, or just time that’s best spent outside, you don’t have to stay indoors to be entertained.  Whether it’s by the pool, near an outdoor cooking space, or simply on your deck, The Full Sun Terrace brings indoor entertainment to an outdoor lifestyle.   

You can count on seeing this TV clearly, even in the sunshine; plus the Full Sun Terrace is IP55 rated to protect against rain, pool splashes – you can even hose it off if it gets dusty. And it can take the heat, too, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally baking it in the sun.* 

Pair with The Terrace Soundbar, and you’ve got a powerful outdoor entertainment solution that lifts limits on when and where you get to watch TV. 

* Panel protected up to 6 hours in sunlight at 700 watts and 104 degrees Fahrenheit; brightness may decrease to protect panel with other high temperature and sunlight conditions 


The Premiere: 

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The Samsung Premiere is for folks who dream of having a home theater, but don’t want the extra hassle. Unlike traditional projectors that require wiring and ceiling installation at the back of the room, this ultra-short-throw projector is capable of giving you up to a 130-inch image from inches away from the screen- no miles of HDMI cables needed. 

This 4K UHD projector has HDR 10+ support, so you can get bright, high-resolution images with impeccable contrast and color. It’s got Samsung’s Tizen built right in, so everything you need to stream from your favorite apps is already here, just like any other Samsung TVs. All you need is Internet access.   

All told, The Premiere breaks down barriers to make getting a theater-like experience at home as simple and non-invasive as possible. 


The Freestyle: 

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The Freestyle is an easy-to-use, high-performance, smart portable projector and an all-in-one entertainment solution.  

First, The Freestyle has options. All your favorite streaming apps are built in, but there is also a micro-HDMI port and Bluetooth. While The Freestyle plugs into any outlet, Samsung offers a battery base that powers the projector for up to three hours. With a built-in speaker, audio is covered, but you can also connect a speaker- wired or wireless for more immersive sound! You can even decorate The Freestyle with different skins, and there’s a custom case available as well. 

Most importantly, The Freestyle will work with just about any flat surface thanks to automated keystone correction, which ensures the picture will have straight lines and right angles. As the Freestyle also has auto focus and auto leveling, all you have to do is place it and aim it. From the side of your house to the inside of a tent, when it comes to using the Freestyle, let your imagination run wild.    

A TV that’s as much about art as it is entertainment, a TV that you can bring outdoors, and a theater-scale experience for your home: with these Samsung products, Lifestyle comes off more as a mission statement than a buzzword. The Lifestyle Series are TVs that fit your life AND your style. 

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