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The two TVs that will take this sports season to the next level

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It’s getting cooler outside, which means the best sport season of the year is heating up. With colleges and pro football and hockey teams kicking off their seasons, and with the biggest game of the year right around the corner, there is no better time to pickup the latest TV tech than right now. 

Imagine seeing your team’s colors as if you were on the field, watching fast-moving plays with pristine clarity, and hearing audio so rich, it feels like you are AT the game. The right TV can make the difference between simply watching a game, and experiencing it. That’s where Samsung’s newest TV tech comes in. 

Samsung builds its best TVs on two different advanced TV display technologies, Samsung Neo QLED and Samsung OLED, and each has its own distinct advantages. Which you may prefer comes down to where you watch, and how you watch.  

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Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV: 

Lighting always poses challenges. A living room filled with natural light can wash out the vibrancy of your screen, and if there is a bright light source nearby, your TV screen might reflect it. 

The Neo QLED 8K TVs have a solution. It starts with a powerful mini-LED backlight system, which uses tiny mini-LED backlights – thousands of them – to deliver truly impressive levels of brightness. That means your TV’s picture won’t lose its contrast during the day, and that extra punch of brightness also makes for brilliant HDR images with vibrant, saturated colors.  

Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs also provides incredibly precise light control by breaking all those mini-LEDs down into dimmable zones. That means that areas of the screen that should be bright are bright, and areas of the screen that should be dark can be truly dark. That contrast makes the colors of the field and thrill on the fans faces really pop – even in a room filled with daylight. 

Sports content is fast moving, and a TV that can resolve that motion with clarity is critical. Thanks to panels with 120Hz refresh rates* and Samsung’s advanced motion processing, Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs are also capable of mitigating motion blur for crystal clear action. The processor will also up-scale everything you watch to the screen’s 8K resolution. So you’ll get an impeccable level of detail, no matter what you put on.    

All of this adds up to a game-changing experience in the living room. But, what if you have a dedicated media room with plenty of light control?  

Samsung’s OLED TV: 

Step in Samsung’s OLED TVs, which are capable of true black levels and nearly infinite contrast- perfect for a dark viewing room. That’s because the organic materials in each pixel (the O in OLED) create their own light. So when you turn them off they go all the way black. And OLED does that for every pixel, so you get pixel-level light control creating amazing images. 

Samsung’s OLED TVs also use quantum dots with OLED to expand the color to levels no consumer TVs have delivered before. This groundbreaking technology is capable of reproducing your team’s colors faithfully with high color brightness. It’s a dazzling effect that adds depth and realism to everything you watch, drawing you even further into the action. And you can only get it with Samsung OLED TVs. 

Building on top of that picture quality is the same great motion processing found in the Samsung Neo QLED 8K lineup. Plus, this is a really attractive TV design, with an extremely thin and low profile that will class up any media room. 

So these TVs look amazing, but what about sound? 

Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs already have up-firing drivers to deliver Dolby Atmos surround effects, but if you want to take your entertainment to the next level, a Samsung Dolby Atmos soundbar system** will deliver high-impact sound that rivals the picture quality. 

This system is armed with a subwoofer, four up-firing Atmos speakers, discreet surround speakers, and a soundbar loaded with drivers- plus Samsung’s Q-Symphony sound allows the TV speakers to work with the soundbar speakers, creating an even grander soundfield. With the soundbar, you will feel the swish of the net, the crack of the bat, and the clash of the tackles all around you. 

So whether it’s with the powerful Samsung Neo QLED 8K in your living room or the seductive Samsung OLED in your dedicated media space paired with a Samsung Dolby Atmos soundbar, you will be geared up for an awesome sports-watching experience. Although, to be honest, just about everything you watch is going to be elevated. 


* 4k up to 120Hz 

**Samsung Dolby Atmos Soundbar System sold separately. 

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