Spring Reboot

As nature starts fresh, so can you with our Spring Reboot

Spring is a time for rebirth. With the cold and dark days of winter behind us (hopefully), it’s an opportunity to refresh, whether that means getting the grill ready, cleaning the home office, planning a getaway, or learning a new skill or two.

In Digital Trends’ guide to spring, you’ll find plenty of ways to take advantage of the warming weather. Download the best travel apps to book that spring break, or the best fitness apps to get yourself in shape after months of hibernation. Discover which gadgets can help you keep your home clean, without much effort. Get outside and photograph the blooming flowers. Give that bike a tune-up to hit the trails. Or, if you’re stuck indoors from April showers, learn how to spruce up your digital libraries — from mobile phones to gaming consoles and Instagram feed. But whatever you end up doing, just get out there and have fun.

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