Summer Travel Guide


Pack the car, leave food out for the cat and set a course for fun – it’s summer! Just go prepared. Stop into Best Buy for all your summer road trip essentials.

The GoPro Hero4


Sometimes, the best Father’s Day gifts are the ones we can all enjoy. Bring the whole family together to bask in the glow of 55 inches, 4K Ultra HD resolution, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, home theater awesomeness. This cinema quality display provides instant access to online video content and all your social media accounts. Dad will thank you, but more important, you will thank you.

iPad Air 2


Singing songs and playing the license plate game are fine ways to pass the time. For about 15 minutes. But for power road-trips, you need more to keep the back seat happy. The incredibly lightweight iPad Air 2 offers all the performance, picture and power to entertain the most restless traveler, and keep the “are we there yet?” comments to a minimum.

The Swiss Gear laptop pack


Sometimes you gotta go where only two legs and a healthy sense of adventure can take you. The Swiss Gear laptop pack goes with you along with everything you need for the day, whether it’s a picnic lunch or a client presentation. And the RFID blocking pocket prevents identity thieves from stealing valuable credit card and passport data.

Go Travel Luggage Scale


Getting through the airport with a family of four is hard enough without having to unload and re-pack your toiletries at check-in. Travel pro-tip: weigh luggage before you leave the house. The Go Travel luggage scale comes with a built-in tape measure and doesn’t even require batteries. And if you have a few ounces to spare, take the scale to make your return trip just as easy.

Go Travel Plug Adapter


Don’t let battery life stop you from feeding your world-traveler spirit. Stay connected and powered up with the Go Travel plug adapter, giving you easy access to electrical outlets in over 150 countries around the globe – from Mongolia to Madagascar. If you’re on the grid, you should be good.