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Hold holding three phones from three different carriers.

The sordid history of 5GE, or when 5G isn’t 5G at all

In the quest to deliver true 5G technology, carriers have tried every angle to promote 5G, but there's at least one case in which 5G isn't truly 5G.
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5G vs. 4G: How does the newest network improve on the last?

LTE vs. 4G: The differences explained

android vs ios v maps

5G vs. LTE: What’s the difference, and does it matter?


Half of Americans will have 5G by 2020, Verizon CEO claims

A cell phone tower.

Security flaws in 4G and 5G networks could expose your phone calls and location


5G’s promises are real, but like 4G LTE the full rollout will take time

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This device backs up DSLR photos using 4G and works as a wireless tether


Grab the Surface Pro with LTE Advanced for $1,300 if you’re a student or teacher

U.S. stays in fifth in global 4G availability rankings, increases in 4G speed

Woman using phone on 4G speeds

Unlimited data plans are slowing down AT&T and Verizon 4G speeds

U.S. snags the fourth spot in global 4G availability rankings

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4G explained: A guide to LTE, LTE-A, WiMax, HSPA+, and more

We've updated our guide to 4G with more information on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Read on to learn what 4G is.
t mobile gives directvnow for switching

T-Mobile is gaining on Verizon when it comes to 4G availability, study finds

The war between T-Mobile and Verizon for fastest network rages on, and the latest battle has ended in a draw.
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Expect massive mobile data traffic growth from 2016 to 2021, Cisco says

Mobile traffic is expected to grow 39-fold between 2016 and 2021, according to Cisco. Mobile devices are expected to contribute.
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High-speed coverage in the U.K. is worse than Peru, Albania, and Panama

Access to 4G wireless internet in the U.K. is only over 50 percent, making it worse than Peru, Panama, Romania, and Albania.
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All new Samsung smartphones in India will support 4G LTE

If you're buying a Samsung phone in India, it'll be of the 4G variety.
ee 4g rollout cat 9

EE is rolling out a Cat 9 network in the U.K. that will result in impressive 4G speeds

The U.K.'s EE network has begun rolling out new 4G technology, allowing users to theoretically get speeds of up to a whopping 450Mbps.
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If it seems like your apps run slower when it's humid – you're right

Particularly with LTE networks, summer humidity can mean up to a 15 percent weaker signal for your mobile apps.
buick adds audiobooks to onstar and apple carplay buickaudiobooksfeat

Book lovers rejoice – Buick has your back

att takes ax slashes prices several gophone smartphones version 1478130790 moto e 4g lte

The new Moto E with 4G LTE costs just $100 at Verizon, Sprint, and other prepaid carriers

Forget Wi-Fi, Panasonic’s new security cam sports 4G connectivity

Control Verizon FiOS TV

Verizon wants to send cable TV to wireless devices via 4G LTE

Verizon revealed that it plans to deliver its FiOS pay-TV service to wireless devices via 4G LTE, according to the Radio & Television Business Report.

AT&T to launch a 4G LTE in-flight connectivity service during 2015


Sprint’s 4G LTE service expands into 70 new markets

Ideal for customers stuck at 3G speeds for data usage, Sprint has rolled out more 4G LTE support in new markets all over the United States.
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New Nexus 7 4G LTE hits US Google Play store for $349

Ren Zhengfei

Why is the former head of the NSA convinced Huawei is a threat to the US?

Samsung tests super fast 10 Gigabit 5G wireless speeds, coming in 2020

Samsung announced on Monday that it had successfully tested its 5G network, expected by 2020, with 10 Gigabits per second uploads and downloads.

Dell brings XPS 10 Windows RT tablet with LTE to AT&T, starts at $600

Dell adds a 4G LTE chip and GPS to its 64GB, XPS 10 tablet-laptop hybrid. Running Windows RT, the tablet is $600, but runs at $750 with the keyboard dock.

4G not fast enough? T-Mobile may launch the first 5G LTE-Advanced network

T-Mobile has announced its capability and plans to be the first 5G LTE-Advanced network, with download and upload speeds as fast as 300mbps.

EE to double average UK 4G LTE speeds, pushes for first million subscribers

Galaxy S4 rumored to use Snapdragon 600 chip in the U.S., while 4G is confirmed for UK version

Unlimited Data (Shutterstock carlosgardel)

Are new unlimited data plans from T-Mobile and MetroPCS a good deal?


4G adoption is rapidly increasing with young consumers