Facebook Messenger is getting those annoying autoplay video ads

It looks like Facebook's autoplay video ads are coming to Messenger. While Facebook considers user experience the most important thing, video ads will still be rolling out to Messenger over the next few weeks.

It’s now easier to tell Google exactly what data it can use to advertise to you

Google has launched a revamped Ad Settings tool, allowing users to quickly and easily control the topics used to advertise to them, as well as tell Google what kinds of data they want Google to use when it's advertising.
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Snapchatters can now experience the joy of unskippable video ads

Snapchat has started testing unskippable six-second video ads, as the platform continues to look for ways to turn a profit. Current data shows that most users skip through the app's video ads.

Google now allows users to mute those annoying reminder ads

Google is giving users more control over the ads that they're served while browsing the web, thanks to new settings that are tied to the individual's user account across all devices.
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Tweeting during a game actually improves engagement, study suggests

Tweeting during a game while watching it on TV simultaneously increases engagement, rather than creating a distraction, a new study suggests. The data was collected using biometrics to study the behavior.
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‘Alexa, sell me something!’ Amazon may explore digital advertising in 2018

Alexa is dominating the voice-activated home assistant field, and marketing insiders say Amazon may be looking at opportunities for targeted ad placement. If it goes too far, however, it risks alienating loyal consumers.
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Japanese startup lands $90 million to put a billboard on the moon

Japanese space startup iSpace Technologies Inc. just received $90 million of venture funding to help it pursue its goal of creating a billboard on the moon. You can't fault it for ambition!

Snapchat and BMW team up to bring augmented reality ads to life

Advertisements are both the bane of the internet and the reason why we get so much content for free. Now, Snapchat and BMW have teamed up to bring augmented reality ads to life with the carmaker's X2.
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Crazy cyberpunk billboard can sense viewers, target them with specific ads

Landsec, the U.K.’s biggest listed commercial property company, has given a futuristic upgrade to its most famous London billboard -- letting it identify the cars around it and play relevant ads.

Google debuts ad-blocking technology in latest Chrome canary release

While some people don't want to see any ads, many users just want advertising to be manageable and to no longer detract so badly from the browsing experience. That's where Google Chrome ad blocker comes in.

With a global beta expansion, you might soon see ads on Facebook Messenger

After testing Messenger app ads in Thailand and Australia, Facebook revealed the global expansion of the beta. It will give users more of an opportunity to discover brands and business straight from the Messenger home tab.
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Facebook’s ads will target your entire household this Christmas

Facebook has announced new tools for advertisers as they finalize strategies for the holiday season this December -- one of them includes displaying relevant ads to your entire household.   

Google is putting its display ads on a diet to help speed up browsing

In an effort to be part of the solution to obnoxious ads rather than the problem, Google is also taking steps to make its own ads less unruly. It's applying the Brotli compression algorithm to make its ads use less data.
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Digital Trends Delivers Agency Tech Talks for the Future

NEW YORK, NY., June 7, 2017- Leading consumer technology publisher Digital Trends ( will present Tech Talks at multiple advertising agencies throughout the month of June in an effort to educate and entertain partners…

Brave uses an initial coin offering to secure $35 million for ad-free browser

Mozilla's former CEO and Javascript creator Brendan Eich is working to launch yet another browser, the ad-blocking Brave browser, and he secured $35 million in new funding to help out with the effort.

HTC is using notifications to inform users about its latest flagship phone

Attention HTC customers: the phone maker is really hoping you'll take the plunge on its latest flagship. The company is evidently pushing ads to users of previous devices, straight through the notification feed.
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Now 1 million advertisers strong, in-app booking is coming to Instagram

Instagram is celebrating an advertising milestone with a teaser -- a new in-app booking feature is coming before the end of the year. More than 1 million businesses now actively advertise on Instagram.

Microsoft really wants you to upgrade OneDrive, with new ads popping up in Windows 10 File Explorer

Microsoft seems intent on retaining Windows 10's advertising functionality, and in fact has apparently been adding OneDrive commercials to File Explorer. You can turn it off, but not without losing some other sync notifications.