Adware posing as a private network client secretly takes screenshots

Adware stuffed into software you can freely download from the internet can secretly take screenshots of your desktop among other sneaky spyware-like capabilities. It first surfaced in 2012 and mostly targets Windows 10 PCs.

Avoid the latest Android malware scare by remembering this one thing

An unpleasant piece of malware has been discovered hiding inside the firmware of hundreds of Android devices. Luckily, it's unlikely your device is affected, and there is an easy way to avoid it in the future.
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Did you download this fake ad-infected WhatsApp from the Google Play Store?

Cyberscammers used a devious trick to slip a fake WhatsApp download onto the official Google Play Store. Although it's gone now, more than one million users downloaded the ad-infected malware to their Android devices.

FTC won’t stop Lenovo and others from selling adware-infected hardware

Lenovo has settled its case with the FTC over the Superfish adware that came preinstalled with some of its laptops a few years ago. It will now have to accept auditing of software and make any installations clear to customers.

Adware lived on the Google Play Store for 2 months without anyone noticing

Adware has been discovered on the Google Play Store and it existed there for two months before being found. The adware infected users devices and injected ads where they otherwise wouldn't have been.

Some mobile apps continue to track ultrasound signals even when closed

A University College London team is spotlighting the threat of ultrasound monitoring posed by mobile apps. Besides tracking your television habits and browsing history, ultrasound access could also provide pathways for hacking.

Adware snaps screenshot of your PC after install, fingerprints its hardware

A new form of adware, called Faster Internet, sneakily takes a screenshot of your desktop and collects info on your PC's specs and it's unknown who wrote the program and is collecting this data.

Adware, beware! Microsoft plans to retaliate against software that doesn't behave

From next March, Microsoft will detect and remove any adware that uses man-in-the-middle techniques to inject advertisements into your browser. The method has been decried as insecure for some time.

Java for Mac now includes the same adware as Windows version

Mac users are set to experience the same frustration that Windows users have for some time, as Oracle has started including the Ask toolbar with the new OS X Java update.

Lenovo works with McAfee and Microsoft to net Superfish as lawsuits pile on

Two class-action lawsuits have been filed against Lenovo over Superfish, the factory installed adware that last week was discovered to be the source of a serious security flaw.

Updated: Purchased a Lenovo PC recently? It might have adware – and a critical HTTPS vulnerability

Security researchers have discovered that Lenovo PCs sold late last year shipped with adware called Superfish that can replace the HTTPS certificates normally used by websites, placing users vulnerable to malware.

Malware alert: If you downloaded these 3 Android apps, remove them immediately

Google has removed three apps from the Google Play Store, after they were found to contain adware. Worse, the problems didn't manifest immediately, but only after a period of time.