A.I. can now learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, researchers claim

Stephen McAleer has managed to create an algorithm that can solve the Rubik's Cube sans human help. It depends upon a process known as "autodidactic iteration" and it could have huge implications for the future.
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U.S. Army algorithm tells you how much coffee to drink to remain alert

Researchers for the U.S. Army have developed a smart algorithm that can work out when and how much coffee is needed keep people alert when they are suffering the effects of extreme sleep loss.
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Meet the Australian ‘techno-artist’ growing a web-connected ear on his arm

Ear on Arm is an ongoing endeavor by the artist Stelarc, whose eccentric performances put his squishy body in the indifferent grip of technology. Stelarc sees the modern body as a “chimera of meat, metal, and code,” and uses it both as…
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30 percent fewer taxis in New York City could be an improvement, MIT says

Researchers from MIT have created an ultra-efficient dispatching algorithm that they say could slash the size of a city’s fleet of taxis by 30 percent. All thanks to the power of math!
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Nerve-stimulating algorithm gives prosthetic limbs a lasting sense of touch

Researchers at he University of IIllinois have found a way to use electric current to provide sensory feedback to the wearers of prosthetic limbs. The results can help restore a sense of touch to amputees.
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To catch an online predator: New A.I. scours chatrooms looking for sex offenders

Researchers from Purdue University have created a new algorithm that's intended to help law enforcement more easily uncover sex offenders preying on unwitting child victims online.
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Mind-reading A.I. algorithm can work out what music is playing in your head

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have developed a new dee- learning algorithm that can work out what music a pianist is imagining in his head. Here is how it works.
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Thanks to A.I., there is finally a way to spot ‘deepfake’ face swaps online

Researchers from Germany’s Technical University of Munich have created a deep-learning algorithm that's designed to spot 'deepfake' face swap images and videos online. Here's how it works.
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This algorithm can hide secret messages in regular-looking text

Researchers at Columbia University have developed a deep learning algorithm that is able to embed and reveal secret message in otherwise ordinary-looking text. Here's how it works.
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Brain scans and A.I. confirm that dogs are great at recognizing our emotions

What dog lover hasn’t looked at his or her trusty mutt and tried to figure out what they’re thinking? Researchers from Mexico have demonstrated that brain reading could help with that.
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FDA approves algorithm that predicts sudden patient deaths to help prevent them

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration this month granted official FDA approval for an algorithm used in hospitals to help predict -- and hopefully help prevent -- sudden patient deaths.
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A.I. reads the Harry Potter series, then writes some absurd fan fiction

A new predictive text generation artificial intelligence took a go at writing a new Harry Potter story. From Ron eating Hermione's family to some wacky Death Eater action, here's what it created.