Kia Nero EV crossover produces zero emissions, but plenty of miles per charge

It's been a few months since Kia first showed off its concept of the all new Kia Nero EV at CES 2018, and now, the Korean carmaker has debuted the zero-emissions vehicle in earnest for the first time in Korea.

It’s not self-driving, but this electric VW six-seater is a smart solution for urban mobility

Volkswagen's MOIA division has just unveiled a brand new all-electric car that can transport up to six people. Slated to make its debut in Hamburg next year, this new six-seater van comes with built-in onboard Wi-Fi and more.

You can now rent an all-electric Chanje moving van from Ryder

Ryder recently ordered 125 completely electric vans from Chanje (pronounced "change"), which are said to be the very first of their kind in North America. You'll be able to rent them in New York, California, and Illinois.

The DelFast ebike goes the distance with a record-setting battery range

The DelFast eBike tops out at 236 miles and is aimed at those who like to enjoy long-distance trips both in and out of urban areas. It will get people places quickly with a top speed of 35 miles per hour.

Future electric car roundup: Our most anticipated EVs of 2012 and beyond

Are you considering purchasing an electric car but not that excited over the current crop on offer? Then check out some of the future electric cars we're most excited to drive.

GM to make all-electric Chevy Spark for 2013

In its quest to become the greenest automaker on the planet, General Motors says it plans to add an all-electric Chevy Volt minicar to its 2013 lineup.