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Is Apple showing up late to the smart home party, or just not coming?

Apple’s WWDC 2018 featured a lot of little announcements, but what was largely missing was news on the smart home front. Is Amazon planning on being late to the smart home party, or are they planning on attending at all?
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You can ask Alexa what’s inside this giant Amazon box

A massive cardboard box suggestive of Amazon's shipment boxes was seen driving around Los Angeles today. The box was punctured with air holes, with the hashtag #AmazonFindsAWay printed on it.
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Amazon explains fluke that saw Alexa send a private conversation to a contact

Amazon says an 'unlikely string of events' led an Oregon couple's Alexa device to record their private conversation and send it to contact. Amazon says it is 'evaluating options to make this case even less likely.'
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Is Alexa listening – and recording? Incident prompts worry about smarthome hubs

Amazon says Alexa incident was a series of unfortunate coincidences, beloved minor Star Wars character to get a Stories movie, we chat with Brit zombie comedy icon Simon Pegg.
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How to change Amazon Alexa’s voice

If you live in a country where English is not the primary language, or you're learning a second language and want to get all the practice you can get, you can set Alexa's default language to one of nine other languages.
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Google Assistant vs. Amazon Alexa: How do they compare?

Google announced several updates to the Google Assistant that will make Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max owners happy. But how do the improvements to the voice assistant stack up against Amazon Alexa's capabilities? Let's take a look.

HP’s Envy curved AIOs sport a six-core CPU, Nvidia graphics, and maybe Alexa

HP's huge assortment of new devices include Envy all-in-one curved PCs with six-core Intel Core processors and discrete GeForce GTX 1050 graphics. They're also supposedly the first AIO PCs to support the new Amazon Alexa app.

U.S. lawmakers are asking Amazon if Alexa collects data on children

The tech giant stated that parents can delete their children's recordings from the device and from the company's servers, and assured parents that no developers outside of Amazon will ever have access to the recordings.

You can now set Amazon Alexa as the default home assistant on your Android

Those who have Android devices but prefer to rely on Amazon Alexa for questions and commands are in luck. Rather than Google Assistant, you will now be able to set Alexa as the default voice assistant on your Android phone.
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Control your SimpliSafe home security system with Amazon Alexa voice commands

SimpliSafe has added Amazon Alexa voice commands to its home security control system. With SimpliSafe's new Alexa skill, customers can use a single voice command to configure, arm, and check their home security system components.
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How to build your own Alexa skills with Alexa Blueprints

Building new Alexa skills has never been easier! Thanks to Alexa Blueprints, you can pick a template and create any kind of Alexa skill you want. What new skill will you make first? Here's how to do it.
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Amazon has fixed a bug that allowed hackers to listen in on Alexa devices

Amazon fixed a bug with Amazon Alexa that would have allowed hackers to create a skill to listen in on users. Researchers found they could manipulate a specific Alexa feature, allowing hackers to listen in on users.