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‘Alexa, give me a cookie!’ Are digital assistants ruining my son?

My four-year-old son tries to buy monster trucks and asks for the time via our Amazon Alexa device. Are these cute interactions with the voice assistant somehow harming him, or am I overreacting?
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Want to wake up every morning to Blake Shelton’s voice? Alexa can make it so

If you want Blake Shelton's smooth country music harmonies to be the first thing you hear in the morning, you're in luck. The coach on NBC's The Voice has released two new Amazon Alexa alarm tones, and they're exactly what fans want to…
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Hey, I didn’t order this dollhouse! 6 hilarious Alexa mishaps

There are quite a few hilarious stories about owners being surprised when an unexpected Amazon delivery randomly arrives on their doorstep. Blame the kids. Or the parrot.
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Here are some hilarious tweets to Amazon Alexa losing her voice

How will I ever know what time it is? Some were frustrated, while others found it hilarious: Check out these tweets in response to Amazon Alexa losing her voice - for real this time.
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Get your caffeine without thinking thanks to Gourmia’s smart coffeemakers

It's tough to use your brain when it hasn't been properly caffeinated, so it's nice to know that you don't have to think in order to get your morning cup of joe. Here to help you do that is Gourmia.
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Amazon Alexa is great. But what if she could do more?

"Alexa, add eggs to my grocery list." It's nice to have a virtual assistant who can connect with your smart devices, call and text, provide the weather, and tell jokes. But wouldn't it be cool if Alexa could develop the ability to learn?
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‘Everything you cooked, you screwed!’ Gordon Ramsay now gives ‘advice’ on Alexa

Looking for a good time...with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay? Enable his new Amazon Alexa skill to get cooking "advice" and get berated with f-bomb-laden insults on how your cooking sucks.
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How Alexa or Google Home can help you pull off a memorable Valentine’s Day

Use your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device to help you plan Valentine's Day with these tips and tricks. Your sweetie will never even know that you waited until the last minute to make that reservation.
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Here’s how to set up a ‘Routine’ on your Amazon Alexa device

The latest addition to Alexa's list of capabilities is "Routines," which allow Alexa to complete multiple tasks with a single voice command. But just exactly how does it work? Here's everything you need to know about Amazon Alexa Routines.
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WSU’s system monitors seniors’ activities to help them live independently longer

Smart home technology impacts many areas of our domestic lives. In the near future, this technology may be commonly used to help senior live independently and remain in their homes longer.

TWB Podcast: Amazon Echo vs. Google Home vs. Apple HomePod, Galaxy X

With the three big names in Home Assistants all taking aim at each other, we break down the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod. Samsung may be debuting a foldable phone this year and we'll recap some highlights from Outdoor…
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You can now ask your LG AC unit to cool your home

LG is showing off a whole host of voice-activated solutions that could make controlling the temperature of your house that much easier, specifically with regard to air conditioning units.