Android Apps

Own a Pixel or Nexus phone? You can now use Android Auto wirelessly

Tired of relying on cords and dongles to make the most of your Android Auto experience? Well, those days may be coming to an end at JVC and Kenwood now offer wireless Android Auto.

Wipe off that wing sauce and tap into the game with the 8 best Super Bowl apps

The Patriots and the Eagles will not take the field in Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII without their equipment, so be prepared for the big game on Sunday with these apps on your phone.

Santa Claus is coming to town: Get ready with these Christmas apps

Like it or not, Christmas comes but once a year. Thankfully, we've got a list of Christmas apps to help get you into the holiday spirit, just in case you want to track Santa or Grinch-ify yourself.

How to use Nova Launcher to become an Android superstar

Your phone is one of the most used possessions you have. Tired of staring at the same boring screen all day? Mix it up with our guide on how to quickly and easily set up a custom Nova Launcher interface!

Google adds Android app support to additional Chromebooks

Getting Android app support on the Chromebooks people already own has been a challenge, although Google promised support on 2017 and later Chromebooks. The list of Chromebooks that can officially run Android does continue to grow.

Create and publish your own apps with the $15 Android development bundle

Android remains the most popular mobile OS worldwide. The $15 complete Android development bundle will help you master this platform, teaching you how to make and publish your own software in six comprehensive lessons.

How to get a refund from the Google Play Store

What do you do if you accidentally buy the wrong app or album? What if you decide you don’t want that game after all? Here’s how to get a refund in the Google Play Store for apps, movies, music, and in-app purchases.

Google idenfities dozens of Chromebooks that will support Android apps

Google announced last year that it was bringing Android apps to Chromebooks, but since then few Chromebooks have seen the feature. Now, however, we have a full list of Chromebooks planned to get Android app support.

How to hide photos on an Android phone and keep those saucy snaps private

If you’re worried about embarrassing videos or saucy snaps falling into the wrong hands, then you need to take action to safeguard them from prying eyes. Here’s how to hide photos on your Android device.

Google Play Store names apps and games nominated for its 2017 Play Awards

The nominees for this year's Google Play Awards include standout indie darlings, productivity powerhouses, apps with the power to produce positive social change, fun ways to learn a new language, and more.

How to kill Android apps and tasks running in the background

Are you having issues with your Android smartphone or tablet? Do you suspect there’s a rogue Android app running in the background? This guide will show you how to check and what you can do about it.

REI has a whole suite of apps to help you navigate the great outdoors

Gear retailer REI built an entire suite of mobile apps for iOS and Android, offering customers tools to shop, travel through national parks, find places to hike and mountain bike, and more.

Google: All Chromebooks launched in 2017 will run Android apps

Google has indicated that all Chromebooks launched in 2017 will run Android apps, along with the extensive list of older machines already slated to receive support, which will greatly enhance the platform's functionality.

Microsoft Garage will expand to three new locations in 2017 and 2018

Microsoft has an internal "no-holds-barred ode to hack culture" aimed at software innovation that it calls The Garage, and the company has added a few new spaces recently with three more planned for 2017 and early 2018.

Download these 5 great apps to digitize old photos and create 360-degree videos

Thanksgiving is nearly here, and you'll need a few apps to keep the arduous turkey-roasting process out of your mind for a few hours. This week, we've got an app from Google that will make your grandparents love you, and more.

Updated Ski Utah app tracks all the fresh snow you shred this year

Updated for the 2016-2017 season, the Ski Utah app is compatible with Snocru to keep track of the amount of vert and fresh powder you ski this season, as well as the number of total runs, best speed, and more.

Get a free ride to the great outdoors this Black Friday, thanks to REI and Skedaddle

REI and Skedaddle want you start a new tradition this Black Friday by opting out of the Black Friday frenzy, and taking them up on their offer of a free bus ride to an outdoors destination.

Google Play Store support expanded to more Chromebooks on developer build

Acer, Samsung, and Toshiba can now all say that their Chromebooks support Android applications through the Google Play Store, thanks to a new developer build of theChrome OS. We expect this list to grow exponentially in the coming months.