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How to sideload an APK or install an Android app from outside the Play Store

Find out how to install Android apps from other sources beyond the Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore, why you might want to, and what the risks are, as we delve into precisely how to sideload an APK.

Are Android devices really easier to hack? We asked the experts

The world’s most widely-used mobile operating system has a reputation for malware and vulnerabilities, but is it deserved? We spoke to some experts to find out.

9 easy things you can do to stay safe on your Android phone

If you’re concerned about your Android smartphone, or the data on it, being stolen, then you need to take some precautions. Check out our guide to Android security and take steps to protect yourself today.
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Android security came a long way in 2016 but Google says there is more work

Google made significant strides in shutting down malicious apps and distributing security updates last year, but has identified areas of improvement in a year-in-review blog post.

BlackBerry is the first major phone maker to patch QuadRooter exploits

A new Android vulnerability dubbed "Quadrooter" is perhaps the broadest ever. It affects more than 900 million devices containing widely distributed hardware by chipmaker Qualcomm.

Lenovo promises Android security updates for the Moto Z and Moto G in response to criticism

Lenovo hasn't been issuing Android security updates to Moto phones frequently. Will it issue timely updates to the new Moto Z and Moto G4? Lenovo says security patches will go through, but doesn't say how frequently.

Google paying big for bug fixes in the new Android Security Rewards program

Google has been paying rewards to those who find and fix vulnerabilities since 2010, and now it has expanded its efforts to increase security even further with the introduction of the Android Security Rewards program.

8 useful (and free) antivirus apps to protect your Android or Windows device

Apps to tackle the threat of malware and virus attack are a necessity for many of us, but do you really need to spend money on expensive subscriptions? Here’s how to find the best free anti-virus apps for your devices.

Google acknowledges critical Bitcoin flaw in Android (and bug fixes are released)

If you're using Bitcoin on an Android phone or tablet, listen up: Your bitcoins are not safe. You need to follow these steps to update and re-secure your wallet, or risk Bitcoin thievery.

It’s OK! Android’s latest malware scare probably won’t affect you

Bluebox Security has uncovered an Android vulnerability that potentially exposes 99 percent of Android devices to malware. We take a look at the risks for you and discuss how you might mitigate them.