These are the 5 best free antivirus apps to protect your MacBook

Malware protection is more important than ever, even if you eschew Windows in favor of Apple's desktop platform. Thankfully, protecting your machine is as easy as choosing from the best free antivirus apps for Mac suites.

Protect yourself from the latest malware with the best free antivirus software

Malware, spyware, and adware is never fun to find on your PC. Check out our picks for the best free antivirus software, so you can rid your system of any dangerous software that might be lurking around.

Antivirus software has evolved a lot recently, and we need it more than ever

Everyone says you need it, but really is antivirus software, and how does it work? It depends on who you ask as different digital security companies employ different techniques to combat the latest malware threats.

How A.I. can defeat malware that doesn’t even exist yet

Cylance Smart Antivirus is a brand new consumer protection application that claims to only need its AI machine learning algorithm to protect you. Can ditching signatures really make for a safer future?

New malware will crash your PC if you try to thwart its digital coin mining

New malware used by hackers to mine digital coins is now aggressively infecting PCs. It attaches itself to critical system services in Windows, thus any manual attempt to stop the mining will trigger the Blue Screen of Death.

Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Insider Preview release all about fighting malware

Security and protection against malware is Microsoft's big focus with the release of Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17672, but if you're using a Windows Mixed Reality headset, you may want to think twice before updating.

Top 5 Android security apps: The best antivirus protection for Android

We analyze the features and reliability of the top five security apps and antivirus protection for Android currently available. We look at malware detection, performance, and the other security features they offer.

Beware of Thanatos, the latest cyber-extortion scam

A new ransomware infection that encrypts all your files and demands payment in Bitcoin Cash is raising alarm among security experts because there's no way for even the creators of the malware to decrypt it.

Uninstall McAfee quickly and easily by following these simple steps

Don't fret, learning how to uninstall McAfee is quick and easy. With a crew clicks and in as many steps, we'll have your system running free of that antivirus so you can set up your security as you like.

This real-time map of antivirus fails is roasting MalwareBytes’ competitors

MalwareBytes wants to prove it's the best security software out there, by highlighting where other antivirus firms are failing to protect their users – and it has a fancy heat map to do it.

PC feeling sluggish? Speed it back up with these free apps

Whether you're struggling with slow resposne times or laggy 3D games, these free apps will help you speed up your PC by updating, defragmenting, and sometimes even decontaminating your computer.

Ransomware is the new hot threat everyone is talking about; what do you need to know?

Here's a history of the spread of ransomware, how it affects average users in the threat landscape, and what - if anything - you can do to stop it.

What is a zero-day attack, and can anything defend against it?

Zero-days. You've heard about them in the news, across the net, even on Digital Trends -- but what are they really, and is there any hope of stopping them?

New malware numbers jump sharply in 2014

It might be a good time to review the security software protecting your home computer, as a new report reveals a sharp increase in the number of malware incidents spotted across the globe.

Protect your home from network intrusion with Bitdefender’s Box

Want to protect your network devices from threats before they even arrive? Check out Bitdefender's newly announced Box, a router that actively scans incoming packets for potential threats.
Home Theater

Viruses are coming to your smart TV, says Kaspersky chief

It's only "a question of time" before virus coders are targeting your smart TV or set-top box according to Eugene Kaspersky, who also has a warning about the future of cyber terrorism.

Six signs your computer is infected

Think your PC might have a virus? As netizens concerned for the well-being of the community, we've put together this list of computer virus symptoms to help you diagnose any problems you might be experiencing. Learn the telltale signs of an…

Flashback botnet: The end of the Mac’s malware immunity?

A new variant on Flashback malware exploits a Java vulnerability to install on Macs without any user interaction. Who's vulnerable, how can Mac owners protect themselves, and what does this mean for the future of Mac malware?