Verizon takes an Oath to read your Yahoo and AOL emails

Verizon's media company, Oath, which oversees AOL and Yahoo, has updated its privacy policies to allow for broader collections of data. And by broader, we mean your emails, photos, and banking information.
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After 20 years, AOL Instant Messenger signs off for good

The days of Running Man spinning joyfully across your desktop have officially come to an end. AOL Instant Messenger, the last remnant of the original AOL’s walled garden, has officially signed off after 20 years.

Compuserve forums set to close after two decades of service

As part of the AOL, Yahoo collective known as Oath, the long-running Compuserve forums are going to be closed down in mid-December. Fans are devastated, with many now looking to find a new home for their communities.
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Remember GeoCities? 9 tech titans that fell from grace

Not every tech company can be a winner, and not all of those that become winners can stay that way forever. Here are nine failed tech companies that were once titans of their respective industries

Internet Archive project preserves AOL free-trial CDs from the 1990s

Remember those irritating free trial CD-ROMs that AOL would send out in the 1990s? A new Internet Archive project is looking to document and record of all those disks for posterity.

Alto Mail adds Alexa support and can now replace your calendar app

Alto, the email client from AOL and Verizon with a smart Dashboard, now has a built-in calendar, meaning you can ditch your standalone calendar app in favor of a one-stop day-organizing app.
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Verizon CEO confirms it is preparing its own live-TV streaming service

Verizon is planning to use its acquisition of Yahoo and AOL -- and the nearly 1.3 billion users that come with them -- to launch its own live-TV streaming service, just in case you wanted yet another option.
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What’s it like to use AOL dial-up internet in 2017?

It wasn’t so long ago that dial-up was normal, but going back to 56K after years of faster connections can be a frustrating experience.

AOL appears to be killing third-party access to AOL Instant Messenger

Third-party AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) clients use AOL's OSCAR chat protocol to connect to the service. It seems that AOL might be shutting OSCAR down, leaving AOL's own client as the only way to connect.

Man who recorded ‘You’ve got mail’ greeting for AOL now drives for Uber

His dulcet tones welcomed an entire generation online. Once you connected with your modem, it's likely you heard three famous words spoken by him, Now Elwood Edwards has gone off in a new direction as an Uber driver in Cleveland.

Simplicity breeds success: the lasting impact of AOL Instant Messenger

Today, AOL Instant Messenger is a relic of the early internet, but the innovations made during its development have had a profound impact on the way we communicate online and using our smartphones.

Yikes — did a teenager really hack the CIA director’s email?

If the claims of one under-20-year-old prove to be true, CIA director John Brennan will have been the subject of a rather alarming security meltdown. The FBI is investigating one teen's allegations that he managed to hack Brennan's email.

It’s official, AOL is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Verizon

Verizon's offer to buy AOL has now been completed after regulatory approvals. AOL has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Verizon and current AOL CEO Tim Armstrong will continue to lead the way.
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AT&T and Hulu get cozy in new multi-platform partnership

Hulu and AT&T have announced a joint effort to bring Hulu to the AT&T customers. According to a press release by AT&T this week, the commuications giant will offer Hulu subscription streaming service to its subscribers across multiple…

AOL says more than 2.1 million Americans are subscribed to its dial-up Internet

More than 2.1 million Americans are still treating themselves to the aural ecstasy that is the AOL dial-up connection to the Internet, according to the company’s latest quarterly earnings report.

83-year-old gets hit with $24,289 bill from AT&T by using AOL’s dial-up service

A California resident was surprised when he discovered he racked up over $24,000 in AT&T charges. The octogenarian uses AOL's dial-up Internet service through AT&T's landlines, which, for some reason, caused a sharp increase in his monthly…
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AOL aims to do funny with new daily satirical sports show, 2 Point Lead

AOL hopes that new daily sports comedy short-form program "2 Point Lead" featuring host of MSN's "The Bracket" will drive sports fans to their site.
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Apple TV adds free, ad-based channels for ABC News, AOL On, and PBS Kids

Apple TV users today received free, ad-supported access to a handful of new channels, including ABC News, AOL On, Willow TV, and PBS Kids. The ABC News channel brings 24/7 live hourly updates and live national and global news coverage, as…