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Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation to add brawler Forge, and possibly Revenant

Forge joins the roster ... and hints suggest that Revenant is also coming

Gamer gets bored at airport, plays Apex Legends on information monitor

An unidentified man, bored at an airport, plugged his PS4 into an info monitor to play Apex Legends.
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Rumored Apex Legends character may be a familiar face to Titanfall players

Reliable dataminer That1MiningGuy discovered code on a rumored future Apex Legends character, who will be a familiar face for Titanfall players.

Apex Legends cheaters reportedly being kicked out with permanent hardware bans

Respawn Entertainment has reportedly started issuing permanent hardware bans against Apex Legends cheaters. The studio is raising the bar on how cheating in online multiplayer games should be dealt with.
apex legends cheaters permanent hardware ban