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Apple and Goldman Sachs reportedly developing a credit card together

According to a report, Apple and Goldman Sachs are teaming up to develop a new Apple Pay-branded credit card that could launch as soon as early 2019. The credit card is aimed at replacing the current Barclay's Apple rewards credit card.

How to use Apple Pay Cash to send and receive money

Apple Pay Cash is giving Venmo a run for its money. The handy new feature allows you to quickly send and receive payments directly from the Messages app. Here's the easiest way to set up and use Apple Pay cash on your favorite device.

Here’s how to use Apple Pay with your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Mac

Apple Pay is Apple's mobile payment service, one that lets you forgo the need to input 16-digit numbers and swipe a physical card. Here's how to set it up on your iOS, MacOS, or WatchOS device, and where you can use it.

Chase will soon offer cashback rewards for cardholders using mobile pay

Chase Freedom will offer cash back rewards for cardholders using contactless payment. You'll earn up to five percent back by using your Freedom card with any of the four major mobile wallets.

Apple Pay Cash is officially available for all iPhone users, thanks to iOS update

While Apple Pay Cash does allow immediate availability of funds at any location where Apple Pay is accepted, transferring funds to your bank account involves a little more legwork. It's now available to all iOS users.

Apple Pay rolling out to Saks Fifth Avenue, Dick's Sporting Goods, and more

Apple Pay is growing rapidly, so we've built a list of all the vendors, retailers, and companies worldwide that plan to support Apple's burgeoning mobile payment platform, or already do.

At last, New York City subway to ditch MetroCard in favor of tap-to-pay

New York City is close to ditching the subway's MetroCard for a more efficient tap-to-pay system that'll let riders use Apple Pay, Android Pay, and others when they enter the network.

Greenlight’s smart debit card for kids now available on Apple Pay

Greenlight -- a smart debit card service that gives parents control over how much their children spend and where -- officially supports Apple Pay. The smart card can now be used internationally in over 120 countries.

Raises's new mobile app makes it easier than ever to sell unwanted gift cards

Raise, a digital exchange for gift cards, is making it easier than ever to get rid of unwanted certificates -- and buy them at a discount. A redesigned app supports new payment methods, POS systems, and more.

China's Alipay announces expansion into 4 million locations in the U.S.

Thanks to a partnership with First Data, China's Alipay has announced an expansion into the United States, and will be available at 4 million locations. The service is targeted at Chinese customers that travel.

Apple Pay could soon take on Venmo, Square Cash with money-transfer service

Apple is getting serious about expanding its digital wallet service into money transfers, and could announce the service later this year. The feature would transform Apple Pay into a competitor to apps like Venmo.

It’s more than the wallet-killer: Everything you need to know about NFC

NFC is catching on in several ways, and will only become more commonplace in the future. Here's everything you need to know about the burgeoning technology, including how it impacts your future purchases and file-sharing practices.