Zoom in on famous works through the Art Institute of Chicago’s new website

Art lovers, listen up. The Art Institute of Chicago has given its website a serious makeover with new features that let you get up close and personal with more than 50,000 artworks by famous (and not so famous) artists.
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When tech goes wrong: Banksy’s shredder was meant to totally destroy his artwork

Banksy's recent auction stunt was meant to totally destroy one of his most famous pieces of work, but a fault with the shredder has left the buyer with something almost certainly worth far more than the $1 million she bid for it.
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Banksy artwork self-destructs after it auctions for $1.4 million

Banksy shredded a piece of his own artwork just seconds after it fetched $1.4 million at a Sotheby's auction. The secretive street artist later explained his actions in a video posted on YouTube.
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These haunting anatomical images turn vertebrates inside out

Two new imaging techniques developed by researchers at the University of Kansas blend science and art in a captivating way. The techniques allow photos to be taken of vertebrate specimens, depicting the intricacies of their anatomy.
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Genetically engineered bacteria paint microscopic masterpieces

By engineering E. coli bacteria to respond to light, scientists at the University of Rome have guided it like tiny drones toward patterns that depict Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, the Mona Lisa.
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MIT’s bizarre mask can control your mood, make you feel aroused or anxious

Using a respiration sensor placed under the nose and bone conduction headphones near the ears, the device allows a wearer to hear her own breathing through slightly altered auditory feedback. In a pair of pilot studies, this feedback caused…

Black-and-white photography: 3 tips to master mono conversions

Quality black-and-white conversion is more than pressing a button or dropping the saturation. Review this video, and achieve better results by considering the three tips it offers before you convert.
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Meet the Australian ‘techno-artist’ growing a web-connected ear on his arm

Ear on Arm is an ongoing endeavor by the artist Stelarc, whose eccentric performances put his squishy body in the indifferent grip of technology. Stelarc sees the modern body as a “chimera of meat, metal, and code,” and uses it both as…

More than selfies: Google’s apps bring the world of art to your phone

Google's new Arts & Culture Experiments want to turn your phone into an art museum, with some new apps that let you browse paintings by color palette or explore the 20th century with Life magazine's iconic photos.

Computers saw Jesus, graffiti, and selfies in this art, and critics were floored

Several different machine learning systems were used to categorize the Barnes Foundation’s digitized collection, and the results were rather surprising.
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Experts hope high-tech 3D image analysis will help save deteriorating paintings

Researchers are baffled by a chemical reaction that causes paintings to fade, and now they hope some high-tech help will tell them why. Conservationists will use 3D imaging to try and preserve 20th century masterpieces.
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Hundreds of drones will fly like birds above Miami Beach at Art Basel

Created by Dutch artists Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta in collaboration with BMW, Franchise Freedom, will use a murmuration algorithm to control hundreds of drones and ensure no two performances are the same.
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Meural launches its second-generation Meural Canvas to bring culture to your home

Meural has unveiled the second generation of the Meural Canvas, which is now available in three new designs crafted from sustainably sourced American hardwood. So if you're looking to bring some culture into your home, start here.
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Using glass, steel, and trash from the landfill, woman makes art from garbage

Making art from garbage, Jen Fuller transforms “everyday objects into experiences” using glass, steel, and trash. Fuller forces the viewer to take a different perspective on the art she creates.
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What does 4G sound like? Robotic instrument turns mobile data into music

The Kinetic Generative Music Installation consists of 77 individual “players" that use a metal bar, sound activator, dampener, resonator, and mechatronics, which combined electronics and mechanical engineering.

A failed selfie causes $200,000 worth of damage at an L.A. art exhibit

A woman paying a recent visit to an art exhibition in Los Angeles thought it'd be a great idea to grab a selfie that included one of its installations. Trouble is, it ended in disaster.
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Spray-painting drones may soon beautify a construction site near you

One of the biggest spray-painted mural ever made is being planned for Berlin. But, rather than employ human interns to do the dirty work, the mural will be created by Paint By Drone's artistic quadcopters.
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Creative AI makes epic dinosaur art by cleverly arranging pictures of flowers

Australian artist Chris Rodley is using artificial intelligence (AI) to mash up a book of dinosaur pictures with a book of flower paintings to create some trippy images. The results are amazing.