Augmented Reality

Draw a line on the world around you with Google’s ‘Just a Line’ ARCore app

Google has released a new ARCore app called Just a Line, which, allows you to draw on the world around you. It may be basic, but using the new app is actually kind of fun!

Over 60 ARCore apps are now available from the Google Play Store

Google recently announced that ARCore was being brought to version 1.0, and since then over 60 apps using ARCore have been released to the Google Play Store. The company also announced the expansion of the Google Lens preview.

Toys Were Us? Toys R Us reportedly closing all 800 U.S. stores

Partly due to a slow shift into ecommerce, toy retail giant Toys R Us is considering selling or closing all locations within the United States unless a buyer is found in the coming months.

Google Maps is open to mobile AR game developers using Unity

Google said that it opened its Google Maps doors to developers of mobile augmented reality games, granting access to all that mapped data. This reduces the rendering overhead by allowing developers to transform the current area.

Can Toshiba’s dynaEdge AR glasses succeed where others have failed?

Toshiba isn’t the first company that might come to mind when you think of augmented reality, but the company has big plans to take over the space, beating out rivals like Microsoft and Epson.
Home Theater

Bose’s new prototype AR glasses focus on what you hear, not what you see

Bose announced a new augmented reality platform that changes what you hear around you instead of what you see and based on its first prototype, the company has big plans for the technology's future.

See George Washington in his home with ARtGlass, an AR storytelling experience

Cultural tourism is a significant part of the U.S. economy. But visitors to historic sites are wanting more info-tainment. ARtGlass presents more digestible and engaging content.

Who you gonna call? ‘Ghostbusters World’ AR game will slime phones in 2018

As part of Google's new ARCore technology debuting at MWC, the "Ghostbusters World" augmented reality game for Android and iOS will let you hunt and capture elusive ghosts from the popular series.

Asus joins the Windows Mixed Reality party with its own official headset

Asus announced its Windows Mixed Reality headset last year and now it's finally going on sale for $429, including two motion controllers and full support for the Windows Mixed Reality platform.
Smart Home

Buying furniture online is a gamble. The Mine wants to use AR to improve the experience

The Mine wants to use AR to make furniture shopping via phone less like The Sims and more like a showroom.

Does a newly revealed patent show Apple's smartglasses of the future?

Apple AR glasses may be closer to reality than we thought. Here is everything we know so far about the augmented reality system, including the rumored specifications of Apple's Project Mirrorshades.
Social Media

Snapchat now lets you create custom, wacky AR Lenses with new fee-based tool

Wondering how to create a custom Snapchat lens without a whole lot of computer savvy? Snapchat just launched a new tool you'll want to try. The update also comes with some new caption options for Snaps.