NASA wants help designing a new lunar rover. Here’s how we’d configure it

In-wheel electric motors? Check. Sound-seeing tech and a gesture-controlled infotainment system? You bet.
moon dust laser 3d printing moonrise grafik 1 final klein 2000x1200

The next Cadillac Escalade will be capable of changing lanes on its own

Cadillac's Super Cruise technology is getting its most extensive update since making its debut in 2017.
Cadillac Super Cruise graphics

Mercedes-Benz and Bosch are starting an autonomous shuttle service in California

The ride-hailing service will operate in San Jose, California and it will include 30 prototypes based on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Only Bosch and Daimler associates will be allowed to ride in the cars for now.

Leaked specs for AMD’s ‘Nvidia Killer’ could make it the most powerful GPU ever

The Navi 21 GPU would nearly double the performance of Nvidia's 5700 XT
AMD Radeon VII