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One British baby’s first word was ‘Alexa,’ and he’s certainly not alone

Amazon's smart assistant is so integrated into our lives that she has now become the first word of a new generation. When you say Alexa's name more than you say your own, you're likely teaching the newest members of your family who's boss.
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Your baby deserves a meal kit, too, and Little Spoon offers a nutritious option

Your baby's eating habits during the first 24 months affect his or her health and microbiome for the next 24 years (and beyond), and Little Spoon's new platform hopes to optimize nutrition at this critical stage.
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Curious what traits your unborn child will have? Send HumanCode your spit

Want to know what your unborn child will look like? BabyGlimpse is a DNA-powered service which promises to let couples discover the genetic-related traits their children may inherit for $349.
Health & Fitness

Withings updates Body and Body Cardio scales with new 'Baby Mode'

Parents with infants have a new and comfortable way to keep track of their baby's weight thanks to the Baby Mode feature that has recently added to the Withings Body and Body Cardio scale.

Sleepless nights for new parents may be over thanks to the Max Motor Dreams

Ford may have a solution to new parents' sleepless nights. Meet the Max Motor Dreams, a crib that simulates the gentle hum and vibrations of a moving car, without the need for a driver or any gas.
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This non-contact baby monitor gives new parents some peace of mind

Meet the Raybaby, branded as the world's only non-contact health and sleep monitor. The device promises to constantly monitor your child's breathing and sleeping, and keep you informed via a companion app.
Emerging Tech

University student builds AI system to create new baby names, hilarity ensues

Blessed with a little bundle of joy, but not sure what to name him or her? Then why not let an algorithm do it? That is the idea of a Brown University student who has created an AI for just that task.
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Keep your baby safe and dry with CloudTot from DockATot

Meet CloudTot, an internal pad for the DockATot baby lounger that comes complete with a breathing movement sensor, a humidity and dampness sensor, a temperature sensor, and a speaker and microphone setup.

Neebo, baby's first wearable, monitors health and safety, helps put parents' minds at ease

Wearables are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. You can buy smart rings, wallets, watches -- there's something techie for everyone, including babies. Neebo is a wearable for babies that sits on the wrist.
Health & Fitness

Go ahead and let your baby have a little FaceTime with grandma, pediatricians say

Alright, fine. Your baby can FaceTime you. In an update to the pediatric rulebook that will make grandparents everywhere rejoice, the American Academy of Pediatrics has revised its previous stance on youngsters and screens.
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Will Nest’s smart crib replace the baby monitor?

Possibly ideal for anyone that wants to keep a data-driven eye on their baby all the time, Nest may be working on a smart baby crib that will tell parents when and why a baby is crying.
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New parents, need a night out? Try Hello Sitter

Being a parent is hard. Finding a baby sitter shouldn’t have to be. Meet Hello Sitter, the app that aims to make it easier than ever for New York City parents to easily and efficiently book trusted, curated, and experienced sitters