The STM Myth backpack got us stopped by airport security — for compliments

Backpacks are usually selected for the storage capacity or protective capability. The STM Myth does all that, but manages to do so with a style that few others can match. Here's what it's like.

Sick of black? Ethnotek’s Raja camera bag lets you customize designs on a whim

Like to change your bag as often as you change your socks? The Ethnotek Raja is a camera backpack that has interchangeable "Threads" or front panels to change up the look while still stashing two DSLR bodies and multiple lenses.

Save $40 on a laptop backpack that has its own USB charging port

Is there anything more convenient than being able to charge your phone with your backpack? This laptop bag has a USB port that lets you do just that. With a $40 discount, you can get it for just $30 on Amazon right now

Peak Design’s backpack and packing tools are perfect for traveling photogs

Peak Design is back at it again on Kickstarter. This time, it's launched an all new lineup of travel-centric gear that includes a 45L weatherproof camera bag and a new set of modular packing tools.

Think ice is the only way to keep cool? Chill.Systems wants you to think again

Unlike the traditional monstrosities that you've resigned yourself to lugging around at the beach or barbecues during the hot months to come, the Chill.System offers sleek, portable, ice-less coolers.

The SuperStraps backpack booster takes the pressure off

The addition of the SuperStraps to your backpack might just be the ergonomic solution you didn't know you needed. This new backpack booster claims to instantly relieve shoulder and back tension, lifting 27 pounds of force off of your neck.

The Tenba Solstice 24L is a camera bag that can handle anything

The Tenba Solstice 24L is roomy enough for big kits, comfortable enough for hikes, and keeps your gear dry and clean. It's a do-it-all backpack photographers will love.
Emerging Tech

Ride your backpack with the Movpak, an e-board that also stows your stuff

The Movpak is not just an electric skateboard -- it's also a backpack that has space enough for all your daily needs. So whether you want to consider it a backpack you can ride or a skateboard you can wear, it's great for your urban commute
Emerging Tech

Charge your devices simply by plugging them into your Radius backpack

Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen has created a new pack that incorporates minuscule solar power beads that simplifies the recharging of smartphones tablets, and other such devices using the energy of the sun and a built-in cable

Quiksilver and Pacsafe join forces to create new travel bags for boarders

Surf and snowboard apparel designer Quiksilver teamed up with travel bag manufacturer Pacsafe to create a new line of boarder-specific backpacks and carry-ons that will be available in 2018.

Shimoda’s adventure camera bags can carry your gear to the ends of the Earth

Determined to make a better adventure photography bag, Shimoda gave us a sneak peek of its lineup of modular Explore 40 and 60 backpacks, Carry On Roller, and Core Units. We put them all to the test in our Shimoda camera bag hands-on…

Lowepro’s updated Flipside backpack lets you swap lenses on the fly

With a unique quick-access design and ample padding, in our Lowepro Flipside AW 400 II review we found a perfect on-the-go camera bag that provides easy reach of your gear while staying comfortable to carry for all-day shooting.

Bellroy wallet-inspired bags are designed to carry tech without the bulk

Bellroy just launched their first set of bags, a series designed to carry laptops and other gear without the bulk. The line launches with six different options, including backpacks, totes and shoulder bags.

Huru is the water-resistant, indestructible travel pack for all your adventures

The Huru travel backpack is a rugged, water-resistant travel bag that expands in size to meet the needs of its user. It also comes with a removable waist bag, a rain hood, and a lifetime guarantee.

With durable, self-healing fabric, Wolverine Pack lives up to its name

the Wolverine Pack uses an ultra-durable FuseFabric shell. This technology improves on Nylon Ripstop and uses two types of threading with a polyurethane coating. It causes holes to go away by rubbing your fingers together.

Check out these 5 best backpack deals just in time for back-to-school season

If you want to get the best backpack for the upcoming school year, or just need a new bag to carry with you to work or on your travels, this back to school season is a great time to shop. Read on to discover the best backpack deals…

This modular backpack transforms for the city or the woods

Heralded as an eco-friendly swappable backpack system, the Quiver and its pack options from Odd Lot Labs promises to be the perfect pack for any occasion, regardless of weather, activity, or age. 

Osprey’s GearKit bags provide organized storage for your traveling base camp

Osprey's GearKit duffels stand out from other bags due to their pockets, pouches, and compartments that allow you to stuff everything you need for a well-stocked portable base camp.