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Bang With Friends gets ‘Down’ with its return to the App Store post-ban

Three months after it was banned from the App Store, Bang With Friends returns on iOS with a completely new name: Down. What exactly you're down for is up to the imagination.

How to keep your use of creepy apps a secret on Facebook

Everybody on Facebook knows what you're up to. This is a short and simple tutorial on how to keep your questionable app use in the dark - and yeah, that includes keeping all your Tindering on the D.L., friend.
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Say hello to Colin Hodge, the co-founder of Bang With Friends

We sat down with Colin Hodge, one of co-founders of the controversial dating app Bang With Friends, and learned more about how this product came to life, and why the developers have finally come out of anonymity.

Terms & Conditions: BangWithFriends is not liable for your horrible decisions

BangWithFriends lets you secretly find out which of your Facebook buddies want to become friends with benefits. But given the sensitive nature of the app, it's a good idea to understand what you're getting yourself into by using it –…
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Prepared to be horrified, because it turns out everyone knows you’re using BangWithFriends

Remember how the app kept it quiet that you wanted to ... ahem, bang your friends? Well, it just got a little less anonymous. With one click, you can find our who you know that's using the app. We all may never be the same.
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BangWithFriends goes mobile, so you can ‘bang’ on the go

Everyone's favorite hookup app is back with its Android and iOS apps. The release also brings a few new features, like the ability to unselect someone before they reciprocate your hookup desires as well as the choice to ask someone to…
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Notorious Facebook hook up app invades SXSW to the chagrin of … SXSW

The ... ahem ... notable Facebook app Bang With Friends has made its way to Austin, but SXSW organizers were not impressed with team using the festival name without permission. That doesn't stop the site from continuing to hook people up.
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Are social apps creating or killing romance?

A slew of new apps promising real love from your preexisting social network are hitting the market, hinting that your next romance - or hookup - is probably someone you're already Facebook friends with.
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BangWithFriends is tacky, tawdry, and gross … but does it work?

BangWithFriends took the Internet by storm last week ... but mostly just suspended us in disbelief. Who would use this? Who needed it? Is it a joke? It is not, friends.