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Trump administration might undo Obama-era LED light rules

The Trump administration wants to roll back an Obama-era Department of Energy ruling that would require specialty light fixtures to move away from wasteful incandescent lightbulbs.
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Hope and chill: The Obamas are bringing a bunch of content to Netflix

Netflix announced a multi-year partnership with Barack and Michelle Obama to produce a myriad of original content. The Obamas could produce documentaries, docu-series, feature films, scripted, and unscripted series.
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Joe Biden says he is ‘out of time’ to run for president in livestream

On the Rose Garden in front of the White House, Joe Biden announced he'll not run for President of the United States due to being out of time to win.

President Obama offers details on national 4G wireless plan in speech

President Barack Obama outlined White House plans to bring reliable 4G wireless to the nation over the next five years in a speech at Northern Michigan University yesterday.
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